A new and exciting day at SCC

An already progressive educational institution just got more advanced and more visionary with staffing changes that show both diversity and academic excellence. It also adds an exclamation point to one of our many reasons for believing Dr. Bill Starling was the correct choice for the next Sampson Community College president — his ability to see the big picture and those who best fit into it.

Starling takes the helm today and he brings with him Wanda Capps as vice president of academic affairs and Veronica Stevens as division chairwoman of health programs.

Starling’s choice of Capps and Stevens is impeccable and rounds out an administrative team that not only offers a strong work ethic and a bend toward innovative ideas but a genuine love for the college and an unmatched loyalty to it.

This trio will bring to the table a strong understanding of exactly what Sampson Community College is, what it can be and the road map that will take the educational institution to the next level. And it provides us even great hope that the college will excel at an even faster pace than we’ve yet to see.

Capps, who has served as division chair for health programs, comes to her new position with a wealth of knowledge about the community college, a place she has worked for many years. She understands the interworkings of the college, has firsthand experience with what works and what doesn’t and knows this community and what it needs from an educational institution.

Savvy and smart, Capps’ leadership will be focused on student growth and program innovation tempered with a common sense approach to maintaining and improving upon the things that make the college unique.

Much the same is true of Stevens, who has worked with Capps for years in the health programs area and mirrors the same approach to leadership.

She will bring to her new role a skill level that is necessary to maintain the nursing excellence that has become synonymous with SCC and a sincere love and appreciation for the department she will be leading.

Stevens, too, is smart and savvy with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to ensure the school’s health programs provide opportunities and challenges for the students.

Today is a new and exciting day at Sampson Community College. While change is afoot, it is the kind of positive change that you just know deep inside your gut will make unique and important differences both on and off the campus.

We cannot wait to see what’s next.