Give the gift of life – donate blood to Sampson Regional

Sampson Regional Medical Center needs you, or more specifically your blood, to help the hospital over the hump of yet another critical shortage, most especially when it comes to type O negative.

It seems to happen every year, particularly in the summer when folks are traveling more, leaving less time for regular donors to drop by the hospital to share the gift of life they so generously offer.

Officials from the hospital alerted the public both through a Facebook post and a news article in The Sampson Independent last week that they needed blood donations, especially the O negative, and we are hoping both resonate with citizens who can, and we hope will, donate.

“We are always in need of any blood type, in particular O positive and negative,” noted RN Debbie Finney, who is blood donor coordinator at Sampson Regional.

It is for that reason we sound the call once again for volunteers to step forward, roll up their shirtsleeve and offer the gift that saves lives every single day.

Our hospital, one of three in North Carolina that has its own blood bank and donor program, has a good number of regular volunteers willing to keep the hospital supplied with needed blood. They, like the hospital staff, understand that having a strong supply is vital at all times.

The blood center, Finney explained in the SI article, likes to have about 50 units of O positive blood, 35 units of A positive blood, 10 units of AB positive blood, 20 units of O negative blood, 10 units of A negative blood, six units of B negative blood and two units of AB negative blood available. When those numbers drop, the call goes out because staff understand that emergencies happen at the snap of a finger, and stockpiled blood can dwindle very quickly.

The truth is, most people don’t know when they might need blood. With that in mind, wouldn’t you rather feel confident that the blood is going to be there regardless of when the need arises? Wouldn’t you rather know that the hospital’s blood bank could handle whatever emergency comes up, when it comes up?

We certainly would. That’s why we are urging citizens to come forward. It’s important and it’s a great time to give back. It’s quick, virtually painless and offers the giver a great feeling of having done something that can make the difference in the lives of others.

Sampson Regional’s blood bank needs all types of blood, with the emphasis still on O negative. Again, it only takes a few minutes of your time; the risks are minimal, if risks exist at all; and the benefits are extraordinary.

All it takes to become a donor is three simple things: 1) to be 18 years old or older; 2) to be in good health; and 3) to weigh over 110 pounds.

It’s simple and it’s one of the most valuable things you can do.

So please help the hospital, and while doing so pay homage to someone. It’s an immeasurable gift that can and will save a life.