Sampson Regional offers impeccable care, great compassion

By: By Sherry Matthews - Publisher/Editor

No one likes to be sick, and Lord knows no one wants to be admitted to the hospital, but there are times when one or both have to happen.

It’s nice to know when illness plagues us that there’s somewhere we can go to find the care we desperately need. For us, that care is right in our own backyard, at Sampson Regional Medical Center.

Some might grimace at the mention of our medical facility, believing, as is often the case when talk turns to community hospitals, that it isn’t the perfect place for the medical attention we need. They would be wrong.

People find it easy to criticize the medical facilities in their community. It’s much like those who read The Sampson Independent daily, who often refer to it as the “fish wrapper” or note with authority that it can often be read cover to cover from the mailbox to the front door.

We don’t take offense to those comments because we see it as people taking ownership in our product, feeling comfortable enough to criticize it, even as they read it every single day.

Such is the case with the hospital. It’s an easy target for criticism, yet most people, when they have to go, find, as I did, that the care is impeccable, the staff professional and everyone compassionate and “Johnny on the spot” to meet whatever need you might have.

Last week, a family member was admitted to Sampson Regional for some minor surgery. That’s never a picnic, but every step of the procedure was made easier for the patient and those at the patient’s bedside by the wonderful array of medical professionals who handled the care with tender mercies that were greatly appreciated.

From the surgeon to the anesthesiologist, the nurses and the aids to the surgery administration — and truly everyone in between — every aspect of care was addressed and concerns assuaged, and all with a unique blend of southern hospitality and true gentleness that made being sick and in pain just a little easier to take.

Words cannot truly express how grateful I am, once again, to be in a community where people work together for the greater good. Sometimes the partnerships are for economic purposes, other times it’s for the building up of individuals and still other times it’s for the health and well being of citizens.

At Sampson Regional the latter two are a prime focus every single day. The hospital may not be perfect, just like our newspaper doesn’t always hit the mark as we would like, but there’s no question those within the confines of its walls work toward that goal every day.

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By Sherry Matthews


Sherry Matthews Matthews

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