Newspaper called to task for headlines


It is regrettable that I and many fellow Roseboro citizens are disturbed and generally upset over an apparent lack of sensitivity by The Sampson Independent, as depicted in recent inaccurate article headlines that result in unnecessary negative impacts on communities and municipalities.

Your April 20, 2018 article, “R’boro woman charged after escape attempt” has nothing to do with the Town of Roseboro, except for the fact that her mail is delivered from the Roseboro post office. To be accurate, her 1546 Yellow Skin Road mailing address indicates she lives about 10 miles from Roseboro.

Perhaps the article should have read “Yellow Skin Road community woman charged after escape attempt.”

Your April 19, 2108 article headline, “N.C. 24 closing in Roseboro” is another example of the use of words that have a negative impact on communities and municipalities. Perhaps the article headline should have read “N.C. 24 Roseboro detours start Thursday.”

The message in your article headline causes the reader to suspect roads into and out of Roseboro will be closed. This inaccurate message is very harmful to businesses and residents of our town.

I am making a simple plea that your newspaper give more consideration to the harmful impacts on communities and municipalities when article headlines do not accurately communicate the facts. Communities and municipalities can accept and deal with both negative and positive news that is accurate. I do not understand why newspapers find it necessary to use inaccurate, incomplete or false words in articles that send wrong messages or causes unnecessary harm to communities and municipalities.

Thank you,

Roland Hall