Make Roseboro’s BloomFest a part of your plans today

Today is supposed to be an absolutely gorgeous day, with highs near 80, a day for family, fun and fellowship. And what better way to have all three than to head on down N.C. 24 to Roseboro and spend it enjoying the town’s first-ever festival.

You are sure to have a good time.

Dubbed BloomFest, the event gives the town an opportunity to highlight its beautiful flowers and attractive downtown landscaping while offering myriad activities for attendees, everything from dancers to musical groups, delicious food and dozens of vendors.

It is a great chance to show support for one of Sampson’s municipalities, a town whose officials and residents are to be admired for all the hard work they put into keeping Roseboro a viable small town, offering things for people to do and showcasing the things for which townsfolks can take great pride.

BloomFest, which kicks off today at 10 a.m. in the downtown and continues through 4 p.m., is Roseboro’s way of opening its arms and welcoming people into its midst. It’s also a way to show true community unity and a spirit of one mind, one purpose when it comes to shining a positive light on the many wonderful things that make this western Sampson town so special.

We hope residents from every part of Sampson will take time today to venture over to Roseboro, eat a little, shop a little and enjoy the sights and sounds of a fun-filled festival that is sure to make you smile even as you are enjoying the company of your family and friends and the warmth of a beautiful April day.

We applaud Roseboro residents and town officials for their hard work in putting the festival together and, more importantly, for wholeheartedly supporting their community and doing things to draw others into their town limits.

Roseboro is a quaint, special place, with caring, hard-working people. It’s right to showcase the town in such a way.

It is our hope that the first-ever BloomFest will be such a huge success that planning for a second won’t be far behind. Our presence there can help make it so. Won’t you go? We’re sure you will be glad you did.