Tim’s Gift is offeringcommunity great things


I am so proud to be a part of the exciting work that’s going on at Tim’s Gift.

There are several things that causes me to have this joy.

First, it’s the passion. All the people responsible for Tim’s Gift including all our directors, our president, Beck Spell Vann, as well as myself, are passionate about the work we’re doing. Passion is the fuel that drives us, it’s like a well spring flowing from a mountain spring saturating us with love, joy and a willingness to share God’s love through what we do.

Secondly it’s the people. Our business is people. We never forget why we are here and we never take for granted the ones who walk through our door. Every time someone comes in they represent a need. We understand their deepest need may be spiritual, but their physical need is dominating their life.

If we can assist them with their physical need we have opened the door to minister to their spiritual need. We make no excuses to state that our motive for doing what we do, is to have an opportunity to share Christ. You may have noticed that when Jesus walked this earth, He never lacked for an audience. We may not be able to meet every physicals need, but everyone leaves having had us pray for them.

That leads me to the third thing that cause me to have joy that is prayer. Our community, and the churches in our area being prayed for weekly. Every Tuesday at 7 a.m., a group of dedicated Christians from all denominations, race, and culture.

Sam Gore