The power of prayer, patience and God

Joanna Jackson Price and baby Brantlee. -


Our family sends a big thank you out to all those who planned, helped and contributed to the Joanna Jackson Price Benefit on May 5, 2018 at Hobbton Elementary School. We would also like to thank all of the others who have helped us along the way. Back in the fall, our darling Joanna suffered a cardiac arrest while 35 weeks pregnant and is now recovering from a resulting anoxic brain injury.

She and the baby,Brantlee, continue to improve on a daily basis thanks to God and all of the prayers that have been lifted up for them over the past eight months.

The recovery process has been hard on Joanna and the family; however, our efforts to get Joanna the best care possible have paid off. In October, we had no idea if we would even have these two in our lives, and today we have two amazing and lovely individuals to love and cherish.

Joanna has recently returned to Liberty Commons Rehabilitation and Nursing in Benson where she is getting care and supplemental rehabilitation while she participates in the outpatient rehabilitation program this summer at Wake Med.

Brantlee is doing well and thriving due to the family and the communities of Newton Grove and LaGrange areas who have come together to be a major support for Joanna, Joey, Pailyn & Brantlee.

There are absolutely no words to express how grateful we are for everything that everyone has done to help us continue our journey. Please continue to pray often as we know that they are what has certainly brought us through this storm.

Being patient, building an army of prayer and giving God the Glory have proven to be a formula for making miracles happen. God is good.

Thank you! We are forever grateful!

The Jackson & Price families

Joanna Jackson Price and baby Brantlee. Jackson Price and baby Brantlee.