Time to wake up and smell the bacon

Dear Editor,

I wonder if there was a food shortage in this country and peoples bellies were empty, if people crying animal rights would be the first ones in the woods with guns, bats, knives, and so forth, to kill deer, bear , rabbits, possums, and whatever they could find to fill their empty belly. Why, because talk is cheap when a person’s belly is full.

I’ve heard people say, my mother use to go out in the yard, pick up a chicken, sling their neck, pick them get them ready to cook for a good meal. Some people say there is no way I could do that. If there was a food shortage and their belly was empty, a chicken could walk up close to them that chicken would never know what happened. They would pick him up ring his neck; get them ready to cook to fill their empty belly.

It is high time for many people in the USA to realize; food does not originate on shelves or in coolers in grocery store, and food does not fall out the sky.

It takes a lot of farmers farming and a lot of people working to grow enough food, and then get it to the grocery store for us to buy!

Some people will say, I do not like to ride thru the country anymore because of the odor of hog, chicken, and turkey house, If there was a real food shortage in this country, and their bellies were empty, those same people would be glad to work in those hog , chicken and turkey houses to get their bellies full.

Sometimes some people will cry out about animal rights. They will say do not eat meat. There may be some lawyers that want the money those farmers work hard and long to get. They go to work with those animal right folks because of bad odor and try to get a pile of money thru the court system. Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil.

I wonder how many of those lawyers who work for animal right groups, when they go to court to work against the farmers are full of chicken, tbone steak or pork sausage the whole time they are talking about bad odor. Why do I think this, because talk is cheap when your belly is full.

I wonder how many leaders in America who sit back and let people try to break up the farmers, would eat computer paper, when the farmers are ran out of business.

The reason such as this is going on in America; is because we are so blessed, that the ones who law farmers do not know what it is to go to bed hungry at night!

People who are trying to run the farmers out of business better wake up and smell, the ham, bacon, eggs and sausage before it’s too late.

Rev Paul E. Honeycutt