For the good of others

We can never do enough for our veterans and their families. That is an inescapable fact born out by the sacrifices they have made throughout history.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, and we applaud the countless people in our own community who offer their own brand of thanks in a million different ways, showing through their actions and deeds just how much veterans and their families are appreciated here in Sampson.

One of the newest ways comes from Kitty Fork Outdoors — Hunting with Heroes, founded by Jeff Jones and Brandon Holland and kicked off last weekend with the first of what is expected to be many dove hunts involving veterans and their youngsters.

Jones and Holland are to be applauded for finding a special way to allow veterans and their kids to bond, doing something that is particularly appealing to many in the Sampson area: hunting.

This year just about a dozen veterans and their youngsters were on hand for the Saturday hunt, held on the family’s 50-acre farm near Kitty Fork, but the expectation is that once word of this year’s hunt, and the fun it provided, gets out, next year will be at least twice that large.

But whether a dozen or 40, it is the opportunity afforded to those who attended that makes this such a special way to give back to individuals who wholeheartedly deserve any and everything we can do for them.

In Jones’ words, “The military men and women, and their families, have sacrificed so much for this country and they often don’t get told enough how grateful we are for what they have done.”

We’d say Saturday’s hunt was a way to put real action behind words of gratitude.

Not only did Jones and Holland provide the land on which the hunt was held, but they catered to the veterans and their families’ every need, seeing to it that they were shuttled where they wanted to go, ammo was on hand and cold drinks were readily available.

In other words, the gentlemen did all they could to make these individuals feel special, somewhat pampered and wholeheartedly appreciated.

What’s more the hunt provided memories for these families that will last a lifetime. That’s something money cannot buy.

We offer our thanks to Holland and Jones, and the entire Ronnie Jordan family (it was Jordan who bequeathed the 50 acres) for looking beyond self to help others, and for devising a special event that will reap untold benefits for countless individuals.

It goes to prove that despite the quarrels we may have over everything from politics to which fast food restaurant is the best, we still can reach into our hearts and help others.

Holland and Jones are perfect examples to follow — individuals who used their time for the good of others.

We thank them.

Hunting with Heroes a good way to give back to our veterans