Support for Community Subscription Program appreciated

Just before Hurricane Florence turned our attention elsewhere, we, at the newspaper, received yet another benevolent act that deserves our appreciation and a public thank you.

The week prior to the hurricane, The Sampson Independent was recipient of yet another anonymous donation to our Community Subscription Program, a fund designed to provide newspapers to nursing home residents, patients at Sampson Regional Medical Center, patients at the Southeastern Medical Oncology center and, perhaps the neatest of all, newborn babies and their parents as a way to mark the day of their birth.

All of that is made possible through the generosity of individuals who see the benefit of community journalism and have been more than gracious in helping us to provide local, hometown news to individuals away from home and perhaps unable to get the daily newspaper themselves.

In both instances, those who have given to our Community Subscription Program have done so without any desire for the publicity often associated with such acts of kindness. They do it, we believe, merely as a means of giving back to a community they love and want to support.

And while we respect their request for anonymity, we still believe they deserve our wholehearted and very public thank you for stepping forward to do something we believe is very important: providing others with the best we can offer of community journalism.

In an era where media-bashing, an infatuation with social media and an inability to separate fact from fiction seems to have won out over common sense, it is refreshing to see people, like so many in Sampson County, who still believe in the community journalism we try to provide on a daily basis.

And, as we often say on these pages, it is no surprise to see good people step forward to provide acts of kindness, with little or no prompting.

We believe strong in our Community Subscription Program and the benefits we hope it provides to those who are currently benefactors of the newspapers we are delivering to them.

That others see that same benefit and step up to help is gratifying but, more importantly, it is humbly accepted and appreciated.