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Last year, Sampson Regional Medical Center and the Outpatient Diagnostics Center took a new approach to helping put a dent in an old problem — getting more women to take the time to get a mammogram. And they used a creative way to do so.

Success was the end product. For that reason, organizers decided an encore was in order for the Moonlight Mammograms and Pink Brunch,which brought more promotion to breast cancer awareness and became the catalyst for more women to get the much-needed exam.

Next Thursday, Oct. 1, from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. will be the kickoff Pink Brunch event, a floating affair that offers women an opportunity to have a healthy meal, get pampered and learn more about breast health.

At that event, hand spa treatments, free bone density screenings, private bra fittings, breast health education and self-exam tips will be offered, along with information from the hospital’s breast cancer support group and others.

This free event is a great way for women to network, learn more about their own health care needs and hear echoed the need for mammograms as well as self exams.

And that is a nice segue into the Midnight Mammograms which are being offered every Tuesday and Thursday during the month of October, starting on Oct. 6. The Diagnostic Center will have extended hours at to allow women to schedule their routine screenings. Appointments for mammograms are available from 5-8 p.m. for a total of eight days.

Moonlight Mammograms will offer women a chance to enter into a relaxed atmosphere for their mammogram service. There were 80 women who benefited from last year’s event. It is our hope, as well as that of the community’s medical officials, that the number will grow exponentially this year.

As an added bonus, those taking part in the Moonlight Mammograms will have the chance to slip into a plush robe, receive hand spa treatments, bra fittings and their annual screening. Free bone density screenings will also be available and light refreshments will be served.

Our appreciation is extended to hospital officials for their continued efforts to reach deep into the community and find innovative ways to educate women on their health care needs.

And our hope is that women across this county will take advantage of these special offerings. The success of the events only means better health opportunities for those who participate. What more can one ask?

To schedule a mammogram, call 910-592-2689. To register for the Pink Brunch, call 910-596-6115 or visit

Moonlight Mammograms, Pink Brunch good ways to learn more about breast health