A crowning example

Sometimes it is the smallest acts that bring the greatest results and sets the most amazing of examples.

Take, for instance, the recent Lakewood High Homecoming game and the crowning of the school’s queen. What is a normal occurrence in most high schools turned into an extraordinary event, all thanks to the kind-heartedness of a student who thought more of others than she did of herself.

The end result has been an oft-talked about deed that sheds a wonderful light on the acts of teenagers, showing just how selfless they can be.

It was at halftime of that Homecoming game that Deja King was crowned Lakewood’s queen. But instead of wearing the crown, herself, and taking that special ride around the football field to the cheers of an adorning crowd, King opted to give up her crown to someone she admired — an exception student at the Roseboro high school.

A delighted and somewhat stunned crowd watched as the selfless King placed the crown on the head of a very surprised but extremely exhilarated Rachel Ashford.

King’s act of kindness allowed Ashford to bask in a glory that she likely would not have gained were it not for the compassion and consideration of her classmate.

It was a gesture of pure selflessness and a testament to the good that comes from the hearts of many teenagers in our community.

King said she presented Ashford the crown because, in her eyes, she deserved it for her own acts of kindness.

“In middle school, she would always hold the door and say ‘hey,’ to people,” King was quoted as saying in a Sampson Independent story this week.

That King recalled the kindness Ashford showed in middle school is amazing; that she wanted to reward that kindness in such a special way absolutely overwhelming.

Lakewood principal Kevin Hunter said the entire school took great pride in King’s act and he, personally, applauded the student for reaching out to bring joy to someone else’s life. “It’s refreshing to see something that kind and considerate being done.”

Indeed it is.

King has not only restored our faith in young people, she has reminded us that it only takes a spark to ignite a fire of enthusiasm for good deeds. Her one amazing gesture has the means to teach countless lessons about doing for others.

In the scheme of things, the offering of a Homecoming crown to another is a small gesture. But when one looks at the underlying meaning of that gesture, it is easy to see how enormous the gift actually was, and the lessons it can teach for years to come.

By giving her crown to Ashford, King not only showed great kindness, she demonstrated an understanding of how material possessions matter far less than gifts of the heart. We’ve no doubt the feelings the Lakewood student received for her act of kindness far outweighed the excitement of being crowned Homecoming queen

We cannot thank King enough for her kindness and for the example she set not just for teenagers but for adults as well.

We would all do well to follow her example, giving to others as a thank you for a kindness show or simply because it feels like the right thing to do.

Lakewood student’s kindness an example we should all follow