Fear: Positive or negative attribute?

Sometimes, I find politics to be both funny and amazing. I suspect that you do too. It’s a little-bit like religion. According to Mark Twain, “religion will either save your soul, or cause a person to make a fool of himself.” It seems nowadays more people are becoming fools -as opposed to being saved by religion. Likewise, the same applies in American politics. For example, take this new breed of radical republicans (not your father’s Republican Party). Consider their apparent view about this “thing” called terrorism that recently swept across Paris. The republicans are determined to milk it for political gain in the upcoming 2016 election. Shamefully, some democrats too, at least about 47 “limber-legged” democrats in the US House are milking it.

But more specifically, the republicans are “up in arms” about Syrian refugees coming to America. Some 31 governors, including our own squinty-eyed Pat McCrory is getting his name in the mix by opposing the settling of Syrian refugees in NC. Donald Trump, the leading republican presidential candidate is talking foolishly about keeping a secret data base record on Syrians. (By the way, if “we, the people…” allow republicans to keep a secret data base on Syrians, you can bet your bottom-dollar they will develop a database on Baptists, Methodists, Catholics and other religious denominations when it serves their political purpose).

With respect to the republican proposed war against terror, this new-breed of neo-con radicals (again, not your father’s Republican Party) want to turn off the water at the spigot while letting it run “wide-open” at the bung hole. Consider mass killings in America for example. It’s home grown terrorism.

For years and years, this nation has experienced mass killings and terrorism every day. Some has occurred on the street, some in church buildings, some in elementary schools, and some terror occurs in movie theaters. Terrorism is rampant in rural and inner city America. And what do the republicans do or say about that? They do nothing, absolutely nothing! They refuse to consider a law to require a background check on the mentally ill before buying a gun. They refuse to require a background check on gun buyers at public gun shows and/or auctions.

But let a Syrian baby and its mother and father come to America to seek refuge (after being vetted and living as a refugee in a Jordan refugee camp for 3-years) and these radical, ding-a-lings raise holy hell. It’s truly amazing to me the breadth and depth of the rancor they seem to hold in their heart toward persons, not pure white or not of their clan. The fear they are now stoking in America, and the bigotry and the xenophobia they are fueling is tragic and shameful.

By the way, the terror attack in France was made not by Syrians but French and Belgium citizens.

Jack Dawsey