Citizens, Clinton Police partnership makes safety a priority

If residents don’t think their concerns aren’t taken seriously then they haven’t traveled the streets of Clinton lately.For the past few months, radar trailers have dotted the landscape in areas from Coharie Country Club to Kerr Street just off Sunset Avenue and 10 other locations in between, all to study motorists’ speeds, a concern raised by residents in different neighborhoods and now being addressed by the Clinton Police Department.

While some of the conducted studies were initiated by the Police Department as a means of better understanding traffic issues in a given area, many of them were brought about because citizens got involved, sharing concerns with officers.

The studies have not only proven beneficial, they have shown that many of the expressed concerns were valid, with speeds far higher through neighborhoods than police believe is safe, particularly in areas near schools and in neighborhoods where children play.

While the studies, themselves, show how attuned our Police Department is to both traffic issues in the area and residents’ concerns about them, the reviews, alone, aren’t what’s impressive — it’s the actions behind them.

Study findings for four of those streets have been forwarded on to the city manager and City Council for review with likely action to follow.

It’s a perfect example of how government can and should work for the people.

Already, the speed limit has been reduced on Kerr Street and a four-way stop sign erected where that street intersects with Herring, all because studies showed the need to educate and slow motorists in that area.

Signage is being added at Coharie Country Club to help slow motorists and a recommendation has been forwarded to the Department of Transportation to reduce speed in the Coharie Drive area; and enforcement is expected to be beefed up in other areas where heavy traffic and speed problems have been identified.

All are actions brought about because citizens cared enough to get involved rather than being sideline police officers, concerned about speed issues but unwilling to take the necessary steps to seek police help in addressing them.

Working together, the Police Department, the city of Clinton and residents are making a difference in the safety of neighborhoods, with the end result surely a reduction in accidents and a protection of precious life.

Our hat is off to officers and residents for a partnership that is clearly working to improve the quality of life for all those living in and traveling through Clinton.