More than fed up


Have you heard the “BREAKING” business news about FEDEX merging with UPS? The new company is called, FED-UPS.

Well, I’m fed-up too.

I’m fed up with American politics that’s gone stark-raving mad.

I’m fed up with listening to the lies from presidential candidates that make about as much sense as a cage of monkeys in heat.

I’m fed up with the bobble heads on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others that promote “yellow journalism.”

I’m fed up with a Supreme Court that legislates from the bench, giving absolute authority to corporate America to buy and sale our hard, fought democracy.

I’m fed up with a lot of other things too, like a Congress that hates and devours its own kind, and a NC Governor and General Assembly that refuses to acknowledge the culture of corruption they have created in Raleigh. I’m fed up but I refuse to relocate.

Excuse me! The FED-UPS truck just stopped in my driveway…

Maybe I will ship myself (via the FED-UPS truck) to Fedupsboro, NC. It is located 5-miles north of Whistle Britches. On second thought, I better not do that either. The same disgust and disenchantment exist there, maybe worse. Instead, I think I will start a Fed-Ups Club right here in Sampson County. But presently, I’m too fed up for that.

This is Jack Dawsey reporting somewhere in Sampson County, riding in a FED-UPS truck.

Jack Dawsey