Life and liberty?


The Republican Party has officially “tied” the fetus of a pregnant woman to the 14th. Amendment to the U.S.Constitution.

What does that mean?

At a minimum, it means the 14th. Amendment protects life and liberty. The Amendment makes no exception to the precious words of “life and liberty.”

Therefore, if a woman of childbearing age aborts her fetus, she comes under the condemnation of the 14th. Amendment because she has taken a life.

Her decision to abort means a 1st or 2nd degree murder charge. And if not, it proves another point. It proves republicans are making a mockery upon the very document in the Library of Congress they claim to be holy and sacred.

So, I asks. What if a woman has a natural miscarriage? Will she have to prove in a court of law that her miscarriage was not an abortion? Will she be forced to prove or disprove a negative?

If I were a woman of childbearing age, I would be scared to death to live under any legislation made by republicans of the likes of Kasich, Cruz, Bush, Trump, Rubio, Carson, or any of their comrades now serving in the U.S. Congress.

Jack Dawsey