A growing Clintonbenefits everyone

Our community is growing, and it is evidenced by the new construction taking place and the remodel of downtown structures now occupied by thriving businesses.

In the downtown, once empty buildings are a bevy of activity. There’s Royal Gifts, the soon-to-be-opened Alfredo’s, the Vance Street Market, Unique Gifts by Jacquelyn, Burneys, Lemon Sprouts, Abigail’s and the under construction condos just outside the downtown at Five Points.

Couple all those with the planned expansion of Dominoes in the Jordan Plaza which will incorporate a dine-in area, , the revamp of Pizza Hut on Southeast Boulevard and the announcement that Little Caesar’s Pizza will be opening a full-menu carryout eatery at Sampson Crossing, and it is easy to see that Clinton is hopping with business activity.

With all the wonderful businesses already here added to the mix, our town is showing the signs of slow, steady growth that we like to see, a testament to a better economy and a drawing card to those wishing to make this area their home, whether it’s an individual or someone looking to locate an industry here.

We thank them all for investing in our community and its residents, and we reiterate what we often preach from this page – shopping local. Helping these fledgling businesses become thriving investors in the quality of life in Clinton and Sampson County is a win-win for everyone. What is good for businesses here is good for our economy and, thus, our residents, who all benefit from the boon.

Our hat is off to those who have invested time, money and dreams here. We hope the example they have set and the investment they have made will serve as a catalyst for others to do the same.

A planting

well done

Last week was the greatest example of how city and county government can work together to make positive things happen. The one we referred to happened in 48-hours between the Clinton Main Street Program Design Committee and Sampson County’s Public Works Department.

The result of that quickly formed but very productive partnership was the transformation of an old fountain in the heart of downtown Clinton into a beautiful planter filled with shrubbery.

“Partnerships make great things happen,” Clinton-Sampson Planning Director Mary Rose was quoted as saying last week when asked about the project. She is right, and that fact is evidenced by the quick and productive work of the Design Committee and the willingness of the county to assist with the purchasing of needed plants to create the inviting atmosphere that now can be found between the main courthouse and the District Attorney’s office.

It takes the willingness of volunteers like those who are part of the Design Committee to make great things happen. The partnership that was formed only served to expedite things and prove that when the city and county work together the results can be quite good.

We applaud all those who had a hand in beautifying that section of the downtown and we encourage more partnerships, realizing a lot of hands often make a tremendous difference.