Gov. Pat McCrory: A piece of work


North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory said Sunday on NBC Meet the Press that he’s not the HR Director for private business in NC. Yet, he shows no qualms to deny gays and transgender their civil rights. He showed no reservation to deny cities and counties their right to make rules governing their own local population about issues relating to civil rights. Unequivocally, he is willing to tell a working woman what she can and cannot do about control of her body. And without flinching, the governor has no problem to eliminate the right for workers to sue for job discrimination. If it wasn’t for his bigoted views, the NC governor would have no (so-call) family values at all.

His homophobia however is not limited to the mansion in Raleigh. It runs deep and wide in his party (the radical party) that hijacked the Republican Party in 1996 when Speaker of the US House, Newt Gingrich, let a contract on America.

Ironically, McCrory said to the Meet the Press interviewer, “We’ve got to have more dialogue…” yet he acknowledged he and his cohorts enacted the HB-2 legislation in less than 12 hours, and not one member in the LGBT community was allowed to participate. Since then, he said, “He’s had some very positive conversation…” with a transgender person.

His “after the fact” conversation is like Doctor Samuel Mudd saying to Abraham Lincoln (as he lay on his dying bed) with a bullet in his brain, “Mr. President, other than having a small piece of lead in your brain, how did you like the play, Our Kissing Cousin?”

The modern-day Republicans have been in disarray since June 2006 when they buried their god in Simi Valley, California.

Jack Dawsey

Salemburg, NC