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By: By Mallory Turner - Guest columnist

It has been a very short summer, or at least that’s what it’s felt like. I’ve been a summer intern for The Sampson Independent since May, and now it’s time for me to go back to Gardner-Webb University, located in Boiling Springs, NC. Although the semester doesn’t start until the end of August, I’m an alto saxophone player in the marching band and will be one of the leaders during band camp this year, so I have to leave earlier than usual. I’ll be going into my third year of college, with my major being broadcast journalism, and have had the pleasure of doing my official college internship at this newspaper.

This internship has taught me many things, and have given me real world experience that I needed. College can teach you a lot, but it can only prepare you for things you will encounter outside of campus. When they first told me I was required to do an internship to graduate, I was scared, because I didn’t really want to have to go and fetch coffee for people all day instead of getting experience in the field of journalism. However, this internship has been far from that fear I had. I’ve been able to write stories and conduct interviews, and I have talked to various people around the Clinton area.

It’s been a great experience for me to be able to provide articles for an actual newspaper. I’ve gotten feedback, tips, and guidance with every edit, valuable things in the field of journalism, where it’s more about experience than anything else, in my opinion. This is the first summer where I haven’t been able to lay in bed all day and play video games, but the responsibility has been great for me. I’m generally a very shy person, which has been an obstacle throughout my life, but especially as I’ve been developing as a journalist. It’s difficult to interview people when you have trouble even ordering food by yourself! However, I’ve been able to work on this aspect of myself throughout the summer and have made great strides in becoming a better interviewer.

Since I am majoring in broadcast journalism, I have the option of not just doing editorial journalism, but going into announcing or reporting. However, writing has always been what I’m more comfortable at, so I knew that I wanted to have my first internship focus on it. Since I decided on a summer internship, I wanted to be able to stay close to home, as Gardner-Webb is five hours away so doing an internship there would have been difficult. I’m from the Turkey, NC area and went to Hobbton High School, so I grew up hearing about The Sampson Independent. After reaching out to them, they agreed to have me in the office and be the summer intern.

I was incredibly nervous my first few days, even with the knowledge that it’s not like I could get fired and I could only improve. However, everyone was quick to welcome me and answered any questions I had. I feel like my writing has improved throughout this summer, but I still have a long way to go before my writing is to the point I’d like for it to be. Thank you to everyone who has read my stories, and thank you to the writers at The Sampson Independent for being so kind to me.

Mallory Turner Turner

By Mallory Turner

Guest columnist

Mallory Turner is a rising junior at Gardner-Webb University and worked all summer as an intern in The Sampson Indepenent’s editorial department.

Mallory Turner is a rising junior at Gardner-Webb University and worked all summer as an intern in The Sampson Indepenent’s editorial department.