City should fix our theater


I am excited that people are able to visit our downtown area which has improved greatly over the past couple of years. However, I am not happy with the fact that the downtown Clinton improvements have not made their way inside of our local community theater.

It is so important that people visiting our community see that we are a good community and want to come back. I love the new signs around town and one of them even mentions our community theater. The theater is a place I love to go to. I grew up there in many shows so far.

Things I think need improvements are our bathrooms, both the girls and the boys. We also need new carpet and the ceiling tiles sometimes fall down. We should spend some money down there. A lot of people love the theater but we want people to be like “wow they really are taking really good care of that theater” and care about everything even the inside of this building.

My mom said this building belongs to the city and the board just chooses shows and pays the bills. She is on the board and likes to direct shows. I like to be in shows. But, I’m worried the people who come to see shows are not going to like it due to the bathroom and ceiling and things like this that need to be fixed.

I had to write a letter to the editor for my Girl Scout government badge. Since I like the theater I thought that would be a good subject. I hope people who read this will ask the City Council to consider helping the community theater so people will want to come to Clinton and support this great place. Thank you for reading my article. I hope to see you at the show.

Jewell Carr

Junior Girl Scout

Troop 4021.