Humbled arrogance


Humbled arrogance is how reporters on one TV station described Texans; it’s a state of mind of how we will survive no matter what comes our way. Texans have always been the envy of everyone. They and their forefathers and mothers triumphed over obstacles that anyone else would just throw up their hands and say let someone other than me take this on.

I watched as these rough-cut Texans brought their bass boats to rescue everyone they could along with their precious pets, and they even brought their cowboy Cadillac “trucks” to assist. They would take the helpless babies and elderly people and handle them so sincerely, as if they were fine china. They would take their hands and shield the babies’ faces from the stinging rain.

I don’t know what kept them going in the aftermath of Irman other than the sheer desperation and need of their fellow man, people they didn’t even know.

And we cannot forget the Louisiana Cajun Navy that helped out, as well as everyone else that rescued our southern brothers and sisters. I know when they went to bed they had a fulfillment and sense of duty well done and were able to get a well deserved rest.

Thank you fellow deplorable rednecks; the people of North Carolina appreciate you more than you can possibly know.

H. Glenn Thornton