Midway’s Barefoot lands on MLB Draft list

Barefoot pitching in a playoff game this past season. He won Four County Conference Player of the Year and helped lead the Raiders to Eastern Championship this season.

A surprise came to Matt Barefoot’s dad, Wesley, on Tuesday when looking through the top remaining MLB Draft prospects from the state of North Carolina. His son, the left-handed, hard throwing Midway Raider who is soon to be a Campbell Camel, was on the list.

Although Barefoot wasn’t drafted in the 2015 MLB draft, the thought of being mentioned in the same category as some of the prospects, such as UNC’s star centerfielder, Skye Bolt, made Barefoot realize that his long-time dream may not be so far away.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” said Matt. “I was really happy to know I even had a chance to get drafted. It gives me something to work for in the next years.”

When asked what he would work on to help improve his game and stock, he said that he would try to gain a few MPHs on his fastball, and have better command of all of his pitches.

“By just making a few minor adjustments, like with my load, staying more closed, and improving my finish, I can really improve I think,” said Barefoot.

He said that playing at Midway has better prepared him for his college ball. “Playing in two state championships and winning one, I think that that has really showed me what it takes to win. Playing at Midway also made me into a great team player, because playing as a team is the only way to play Midway baseball,” he said.

Just having a chance to get drafted makes Barefoot want to work harder. “It just makes me want to put even more work in,” he said. “Getting drafted is a goal that I have and this makes me see that I am that much closer.”

Matt’s dad, Welsely was pleasantly surprised seeing his son’s name on MLB.com’s draft list. “It’s interesting to see his name on the list,” he said. “He didn’t get picked, but it is really cool to get to see his name on the list.”

Barefoot will begin his freshman year of college at Campbell in the fall. There, he will look to make an immediate impact to the Fighting Camels’ baseball program. While the task at hand now is getting better and getting prepped for college ball, which has always been a dream of his, another dream may be closer than ever.