Clinton surgeon running for funds

By: By Daron Barefoot - Sports Editor

Andres Fleury-Guzman, general surgeon at Sampson Regional Medical Center, is participating in a 24-hour Ultra Run on Saturday, honoring and benefiting the Clinton Dark Horses Track and Field program. The race is set to be ran at Fox Lake in Clinton and will last from 8 a.m. Saturday until 8 a.m. Sunday. While additional runners are not being sought, donations certainly are.

“I contacted athletic director Jeff Sawvel about a fundraising attempt and he was more than willing so any and all proceeds raised will benefit the Track and Field team,” said Fleury.

Donations can be sent to Clinton High School with “Track and Field” noted in the memo.

Fleury highlighted that his running passion began about five years ago as he turned to running to help get into better shape. He wanted to make an impact in people’s lives and if he was going to advise that diet and exercise are the key to a healthy life, then he had to live by thought himself.

His success in running really took off as he gradually progressed from doing 5Ks to full marathons. But, Fleury admits that he wanted to do more.

“I wanted to push myself further so I looked into ultra running,” asserted Fleury.

Ultra running, also called an ultramarathon, is any footrace longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi).

To date, Fleury states that he has participated in 20 marathons and 20-30 ultramarathons.

There are two types of ultramarathon events: those that cover a specified distance, and events that take place during time (with the winner covering the most distance in that time). The most common distances are 50 kilometers (31.069 mi), 100 kilometers (62.137 mi), 50 miles (80.4672 km), and 100 miles (160.9344 km), although many races have other distances

Other distances/times include double marathons, 24-hour races, and multi-day races of 1,000 miles (1,600 km) or even longer.

“People that are willing to donate this weekend may do so however they like. Some people donate a designated amount while some donate based on miles or time ran,” Fleury added.

“Our goal is to run 100 miles and 24 hours but obviously we can’t control all the circumstances surrounding the run so we’ll see what happens,” he concluded.

Andres Fleury training at an ultra running camp. Fleury training at an ultra running camp.

By Daron Barefoot

Sports Editor

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