Greensbridge Golf Club improving daily

Christian Lamm, the head golf pro at Greensbridge, taking care of business during a busy Saturday. The course is seeing much more play since the course has started making strides in the positive direction.

Greensbridge Golf Club is up and running again, and has been since May 16 of the past year. The club closed just after the end of 2014, and has since been bought by The Fred Smith Company.

The course is making huge strides, and is a completely different course now than it was when it closed, and even since they reopened it in back in May.

“It is one hundred percent better right now than it was when we bought it,” said Greensbridge’s head golf pro Christian Lamm. “We have done essentially everything we can to get it to the point that it is at now, and we are still doing everything we can to improve it even more.”

The fairways are as green as one can remember at Greensbridge, and the greens, for the most part, are pretty much healed. Most of the greens were nearly gone by the end of 2014, and now, with the exception of the par three 3rd and 8th holes, the greens are in good shape.

“Those two greens have really been our biggest battle,” said Lamm. “They still are a battle, and we have put everything on them that is supposed to help grass grow there. We are planning on giving each of those greens til the end of the summer to come around, and if they don’t, we are going to strongly consider completely redoing them,” he continued.

In the fairways, a poor lie will be nearly impossible to find. The entire transformation of the course since The Fred Smith Company took it over is truly remarkable, and the community is recognizing it. Greensbridge has seen a great spike in its play over the last couple of months, and projects that it will only get better as the course gets better.

The weekday rates right now are $23 and $21 for senior citizens. The weekend and holiday rates are $29, and $27 for seniors.

Over the past four to five years, many people have said that if Greensbridge just was taken care of and given the proper treatment, it could really be a great course because of the layout and natural landscape that surrounds it, such as elevation, native grasses, and a large lake. Finally, the course is being taken care of properly, and is turning into another great spot to play golf in Sampson County.