Hobbton’s Holland grateful for ‘family’ aspect of sports


Reese Holland played varsity volleyball for Hobbton High School the past two seasons, and found the camaraderie of the team to be something special.

Holland has been playing volleyball since middle school, and since has built a great bond with her teammates, something that sports can allow more so than many things. The family aspect that sports offer is one thing that makes them so great, and that in itself is what Holland looked most forward to when it came to volleyball season.

“I love my teammates so much,” said Holland. “I love volleyball, but I think a lot of it is because I associate the two with each other. They are what made me love going out there each and every day for practice and for each game,” she continued. “It was like a family away from family, and that was great to be a part of.”

The HHS volleyball team had some ups and downs during Holland’s Senior season last year. However, she said that she won’t forget a comeback victory at Goldsboro.

“We were down for pretty much the entire match. It just seemed like nothing was going our way, then things started clicking for us. When they did, we were able to get over the hump, come back and get the win. It was a fun ride home after playing like that,” she said.

Obviously, Holland will miss the family aspect of being a part of the Wildcat volleyball team. She also said she’ll miss the community support. “I’ll miss the feeling of support from all of the fans and that sense of hope we always had before each game,” she said. “We always tried to look at things in a positive way and whether we won or lose, tried to have a good time.

Holland is planning on going to UNCW in the Fall to get her undergraduate degree in chemistry. She then plans on moving on to either Campbell or the University of North Carolina to complete a degree in pharmacy.

According to Holland, the Hobbton community has had a great impact on her, and playing volleyball has helped her build many friendships that she will forever be greatful for.