Bonecrusher to host local golf event

By: By Mike Carter - Sports Writer

By Mike Carter

Sports Writer

James “Bonecrusher” Smith “Bonecrusher” Smith

In the mid 1980’s James “Bonecrusher” Smith was a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight boxing world. Smith won the WBA Heavyweight Title in 1986 with a first round knockout of Tim Witherspoon on a seven day notice from fight promoter Don King. With the win, Smith, a graduate of Shaw University in Raleigh, became the first college graduate to win the heavyweight title. These days Smith, a Magnolia, NC native, spends his time mentoring children and promoting the development of a boxing hall of fame in Myrtle Beach, SC where the Champ currently resides.

Smith plans to host a charity golf tournament at Timberlake Golf Course on November 7, 2015, to help raise funds and awareness for the future Boxing Hall of Fame in Myrtle Beach. Smith said, “We want to be the first hall of fame to recognize fans, if it were not for the fans we would not be where we are today. We plan to devote a room to fans of the sport in the new hall of fame.”

Smith also hopes to use the tournament to support his “Do Right” challenge, which urges communities to “Do Right” by themselves and help their kids stay out of trouble. Smith continued in saying, “We try to help mentor kids through boxing and just to encourage them to live healthier lives and be leaders in their families and communities.”

Smith, also and ordained minister, hopes to be able to speak to a group of school children when he is in town for the tournament and possibly even get an audience with parents while he is in town. “I spoke to a group of kids at Sampson Middle School several years ago, and I hope to be able to return and have the chance to speak to the kids and hopefully involve the parents as well,” said Smith. “I am looking forward to a big weekend in November with lots of local support,” he concluded.

Smith played a round at Timberlake last week to check out the course, and loved it. The place continues to stay in great shape and seemingly get better and better throughout the golfing season.

For more information on the upcoming golf event, you may contact Tony Parrish at Timberlake Golf Course. To learn more about Smith’s Foundation, Champion for Kids, visit