Lady Horses’ tough softball season comes to an end

By: By Phoebe Martin - Sports Writer

Wallace-Rose Hill’s Lady Bulldogs overwhelmed Clinton’s Lady Dark Horses in softball this Thursday in the home team’s final conference game of the season, sweeping the game at a definitive 11-1.

The game was off to a rocky start with a three-inning standoff out of the gate, broken only with a single run by Wallace-Rose Hill late in the top of the third. Unable to answer except in quick defense, the Lady Horses were silent up to bat and couldn’t manage to crack out a run of their own.

The disparity deepened as the third closed and the fourth opened to what would be an extensive lead for Wallace-Rose Hill, who banded together on the attack for three runs across home plate. The bottom of the fourth held a small promise for CHS, however, who were able to answer with a run of their own.

The fifth inning, however, was where Wallace-Rose genuinely took the match. Opening with a reachable 4-1 and driving that number steadily up for an untouchable 11-1, the Lady Bulldogs came together under an impending rain. As the game switched over to the bottom of the fifth and under the threat of what looked to be a possible lightning storm, the game was called in favor of Wallace-Rose Hill’s extreme victory.

The heart of Clinton’s softball season this school year came through in this final match. Although these Lady Dark Horses may be slow to boil on the field, their steadfast perseverance and sportsmanship shine. As for Wallace-Rose? Closing their season with this game at a record of 17-5, their quick and cohesive gameplay have made them a force to be reckoned with throughout this season. The Lady Horses finish 3-15 overall, 3-11 in conference.

Although it’s certainly an unorthodox way to end a season, the sudden storm and fifth-inning call feel a fitting closure. Tense but stirring — echoing not only the tough times, but the triumphs too for the Lady Horses this school year.

By Phoebe Martin

Sports Writer