Midway’s Hairr excelling as two-sport athlete

By: By Adam Capps - acapps@civitasmedia.com

By Adam Capps


Hairr during a volleyball match last season.
https://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/web1_IMG_0543.jpgHairr during a volleyball match last season.

Lady Raider All-Conference and All-County athlete Emily Hairr believes that it is important to play more than just one sport. In a time where one-sport athletes are becoming more and more common, Hairr sees the benefit in being more well-rounded.

“I feel like having a diversity of talent is important,” said Hairr. “Getting to be around different sport environments and different people can really help you grow as an individual. I have always loved the quote, ‘Every person you meet knows something you don’t, so learn from them.’ While being a two-sport student athlete can be difficult and time consuming, I believe having a variety of skills makes a person more well-rounded as an individual.”

The two sports she plays are volleyball and softball, and she is typically All-Conference and All-County in each. While playing these sports at Midway High School, she is also a member of the LAVA traveling volleyball team, and plays church league softball at Freedom Baptist Church.

“Volleyball was great this past year, we made it to the third round of the playoffs, which was really exciting. I feel like in school softball, I was able to grow as a player with the sense of having more responsibility put on me as a player, and I was able to continue to play well,” she said. “As for the travel volleyball, we won one of the biggest tournaments of the year in Myrtle Beach, and in church softball, we had an awesome team and ended up winning the championship there. I feel like the church softball season really brought me closer to the members of Freedom Baptist Church, which was super important to me,” she continued.

Hairr’s favorite athlete is softball phenom Jennie Finch, who plays through the inspiration of her faith. Hairr noted that she strives to do the same thing.

Although Hairr is a two-sport athlete, she sees how being a one-sport athlete is becoming the popular theme among high-schoolers. “I think that high school is more academically stressful now than ever before,” admitted Hairr. “Sports don’t just end when the playing season ends, either. Players are expected to work to improve their sport, even in the offseason, and overall it can be very time-consuming and tiring.

With her senior year approaching, Hairr is looking for her best season yet. She continues to put in the work necessary to excel in each sport that she participates in, and is poised to once again have a great year.