Kinlock enters 2015 with high expectations

By: By Adam Capps -

By Adam Capps

Kinlock breaks free from the secondary during a Lakewood home playoff win last year. breaks free from the secondary during a Lakewood home playoff win last year.

Dillion Kinlock is hungry entering his Senior season as running back for the Lakewood Leopards. He enters the season with three main goals.

“I have three goals that I’ve been thinking about this offseason, and all seem very reasonable to me,” said Kinlock. “I want to break the single-season rushing record at Lakewood High, I want to earn a Division 1 scholarship to play football, and I want to win a state championship.”

The last of the listed three is the most important to Kinlock. After Lakewood’s season-ending loss last year at Plymouth in the Eastern Championship game, on a cold night, far from home, Kinlock and his teammates went ahead and established the goal for the upcoming season. Now, in mid-July, the beginning of that season is just around the corner.

“We are returning a lot of good players, and didn’t lose many starters. We think winning it all is very realistic, and for us, it’s win a state championship or bust,” said Kinlock. He admited that playing at Lakewood was very special to him because of the chance to play with people that he had grown up with, and that the football team was a very family-oriented program. He believes that gives them an even better chance at succeeding in the upcoming season.

“We are all brothers, fighting hard, and playing hard for each other. We all want to get better not only for personal gain, but for one another,” said the All-County running back.

Kinlock has attended the Willie Parker speed camp over the summer, and has worked one-on-one with Jerris McPhail, the former NFL running back from Clinton. “I have done a lot of work, both physically and mentally to become a better running back. I am greatly looking forward to getting back out there and playing this season.”

Kinlock reps number 20 because of one of his favorite players to play football, Barry Sanders, the former Detroit Lion running back legend. He also greatly admires Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings because of his hard work and natural ability.

With lofty goals, Kinlock cannot wait to get the season underway. The Pigskin Jamboree is just a month away, Kinlock said, “I’m coming into the season with my head held high and the intentions to prove that I’m a top tier ‘back. I’m on a mission.”

Catch Kinlock and the rest of Lakewood, along with other county teams, in the 2015 Pigskin Jamboree at Clinton High School on Aug. 14.