Hancock breaks away from pack

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Cade Hancock, rising junior for Harrells Christian Academy, is a golf standout who has continued getting better while furthering his love for the game.

Hancock didn’t start out with golf like some players. He actually played baseball as his main sport until one day a random trip with his father to the golf course changed everything.

“I actually played baseball until I was 11. One day my dad was going to the golf course and I said ‘dad I think I’m going to go with you.’ I’ve been playing ever since,” Hancock recalled.

Like any other sport, golf requires a lot of practice, something Hancock knows all too well.

“I practice everywhere I go and try to get my shots to become muscle memory, and I always try to practice in the toughest conditions possible. As a matter a fact, I’m about to go to Florida and I’ve been playing in the heat as much as possible trying to get accused to playing in the heat, cause you know Florida is way hotter than North Carolina,” remarked Hancock on keys to his success and dealing with the unexpected on the course.

Hancock is going to Florida to compete in the Optimist Junior World Tour, where he will be playing in the 16-18 division against some of the top players in the world in that age bracket. He is also being sponsored by the Optimist Club to play in the tournament, which he also played last year. He made it through all the rounds, despite there being a cutline.

“In Florida, we play at the PGA National. Every round, there is a cutline and only the top so many (players) make it through to each round. I made the cut last year and played in all the rounds,” said Hancock.

Hancock definitely has dreams to play golf at the college level and even professionally. He has already visited and met with coaches at Wake Forest University three times and at Duke University once.

“My dream is to play for Wake Forest. I’ve been to the school, met the coach and I just love it. Even if I can’t play for Wake Forest, I definitely want to go somewhere that I can play Division 1 golf. Hopefully, one day I can play up there with the professionals,” said Hancock.

One doesn’t get sponsored, play in college camps and have dreams on making it to the professional level without playing at a higher degree than your average player. Hancock has surely played to that level many times, being the outstanding player in multiple tournaments last year and even into this year. Two of his most notable wins were in back-to-back tournaments in Myrtle Beach where he shot a tournament best 3-under 69, on the par-72 course.

It almost seems like Hancock is dominating the competition he plays against while at HCA.

“I wouldn’t say I’m dominating like what Tiger Woods did. Now that was dominating. But if I don’t win, I’m usually pretty close. It’s all about consistency. It’s the most important thing in golf. Even if you do play well one day on one course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t stay consistent,” said Hancock.

When asked if there was one thing he could say about himself, Hancock answered with humility.

“I would just want to thank my parents — I couldn’t be here without them,” he said. “I especially want to give thanks to Go.d I wouldn’t be able to do anything without Him. When I’m out there on the course, it’s not me but that’s Him working through me.”

Harrells’ Cade Hancock prepares to hit the ball down the fairway.
https://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/web1_Cade.jpgHarrells’ Cade Hancock prepares to hit the ball down the fairway.
Harrells standout uses practice, consistency as keys to success

By Michael Hardison


Reach Sports Editor Michael Hardison at mhardison@s24477.p831.sites.pressdns.com. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @SampsonInd.

Reach Sports Editor Michael Hardison at mhardison@s24477.p831.sites.pressdns.com. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @SampsonInd.