Leopards fall to Princeton, will play Union on Tuesday

By Chris Froat - Sports Writer

The Lakewood Leopards lost Monday’s game against the Bulldogs in a 7-1 blowout.

For much of the first half, Princeton was doing well in keeping the pressure on the Leopards’ side of the field. A kick ended up going wrong for Lakewood as their player accidentally kicked the ball into their own net giving the Bulldogs their first point.

Further into the first period, Lakewood was unable to score, and Princeton was able to raise the score to 3-0 before the buzzer sounded.

Going into the second half three behind, things did not get any better for the Leopards. Shortly into the second period, the Bulldogs rose their score to 5-0 seemingly dominating their opponent.

Before the period had hit the halfway point, Princeton had grown their lead to 7-0 guaranteeing themselves a victory.

“We certainly could have done better,” explained coach Evert Cruz. “We made a lot of mistakes and hopefully we won’t make them again. This is not the momentum we’ve had most of this season. I don’t know if the girls were distracted by senior week or if something else was wrong, but I hope we don’t lose the momentum we previously had.”

Labria Williams scored the Leopards the goal, preventing them from losing completely to the Bulldogs. Unfortunately, it was also the final goal of the game, the final score standing at 7-1.

The Lakewood Leopards will have a chance to return their previous momentum Tuesday at 8 p.m. when they play at Union. Weather had forced the game to be rescheduled twice and another event the same evening has the game pushed to a later time. With the conference winding down, this will be their second match against the Spartans.

By Chris Froat

Sports Writer

Reach Chris Froat at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SampsonInd.

Reach Chris Froat at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SampsonInd.