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By Michael Hardison - Sports Editor
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Ron Davis has been selected as the man who will lead the Clinton Dark Horses’ basketball program. Davis has an 88-6 record over his last seven years as head coach of the Sampson Middle School, which essentially serves as a feeder program in the Clinton City Schools’ Dark Horse system.

“I’ve been around the high school and middle school program for around 15 years now,” said Davis, reached Tuesday. “With coach (Randy) Jordan deciding to move on to other places, I figured this was a good opportunity for me to try and move up and broaden my horizons.”

Davis will have a solid foundation to build upon with the legacy left by Jordan, including multiple top place regular season finishes, conference titles, a record of 137-34 and the Horses’ deep run into the 2018 state playoffs, as well as other coaches through the years.

Davis is no stranger to winning and is more than ready to take over the mantle at Clinton High. Davis put in seven years of winning at Sampson Middle, winning the championship every year.

“I‘m really thankful that the athletic department at the high school gave me this chance and thought I was the best fit for the program. We’ve had some pretty good success over the years in basketball even going back before coach Jordan and I hope to continue with that success,” stated Davis.

While now a part of the high school for Dark Horses basketball, he will not forsake his teaching duties at the middle school. Not only is teaching important to him, but staying at the middle school is just as crucial so he continue his teaching.

“For me, it has always been about building relationships with these young men I coach. I’m going to continue to teach at the middle school and that’s really my decision,” said Davis, a technology teacher.

“It is important to build those relationships early on, so I’ll continue to see them at school and in the hallways and I can still be a part of their practices,” he continued. “This way they’ll be used to seeing me and already have an idea of what to expect from me for when they get to the high school. It just fits perfectly.”

Other than building relationships with his student-athletes, another vital aspect for Davis going forward is being able to run the program with good people around him who are all on the same page.

“As members of the athletic department at the high school, we need to make sure that we are all together in running the program,” replied Davis. “Regardless, the kids are excited and I’m probably even more excited. Overall I’d say it’s just an exciting time to be a Dark Horse fan.”

Sampson Middle teacher/coach ‘broadens horizons’

By Michael Hardison

Sports Editor

Reach Michael Hardison at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SampsonInd.

Reach Michael Hardison at [email protected] Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SampsonInd.