Salas takes Hobbton football helm

By David Johnson - Sports Editor
Hobbton’s new head coach for Wildcat football, Joe Salas. -

Hobbton High School football will have a new leader this fall. Joe Salas, who was the defensive coordinator at Clinton last year, has taken the helm of the team. Salas also has long experience as the offensive coordinator for Western Harnett.

“What we’re looking to do is drastically change the culture here,” commented Salas. “Our mission is to teach boys to be men and winners for life. We strongly believe its about building champions first before you build a or win a championship.”

He continued, “It’s about getting in there and teaching core principles to our kids. Our core principles are attitude, leadership, work ethic, toughness and family. These are things we spend every single day teaching and taking about. It all comes back to the principle of building champions before you win a championship.”

Salas has 20 plus years coaching experience. He is willing to work to rebuild the football program for Hobbton. His numbers in the summer weight program are better than they have been is recent years. He stated that in the spring workout program before school ended he had about 40 guys interested. Another part of his mission is to rebuild the JV football program. Hobbton hasn’t had enough kids to field a team in recent years

“The JV program is essential to a good varsity program. I would like to get more of the Hispanic kids involved,” he said.

A few of his visions are, to get 1 percent better each day, ingrain “Core Principles” into the player DNA and win the turnover battle each week among others.

Hobbton’s new head coach for Wildcat football, Joe Salas.’s new head coach for Wildcat football, Joe Salas.

By David Johnson

Sports Editor