Leopards, Raiders tie in soccer match

By: By Adam Capps - acapps@civitasmedia.com

Lakewood’s head coach Jay Faircloth challenged his team entering Wednesday’s match-up with Midway. In the end, Faircloth liked seeing improvement from his struggling team, who ended the game in a 0-0 tie with the visiting Raiders.

Each team had plenty of opportunities to put points on the board throughout the entire night, but they were each unable.

For Midway, it was their second tie in the past couple of weeks, as they tied Hobbton last week.

Lakewood’s Faircloth admitted that though it was not a win, it wasn’t a loss either.

“I told the guys that tying isn’t always the worst thing. I mean, losing is worse than tying any day of the week, in my book,” said the Leopard head coach following the draw.

“I know there were a couple of times tonight where I thought I was going to have a heart attack, just from the fact of us not being able to find the net, and I know that Coach (Allen) McLamb from Midway was probably feeling the same about his club. We couldn’t score, and they couldn’t score. The entire game was pretty much validation to the scoreboard, because everything seemed to be very evenly-matched throughout the game,” continued Faircloth.

Midway’s goalie, Matthew Core, and Lakewood’s goalie, Pate Holland, each were the stars of the game that featured no goals, which means that they did their job about as good as they could have.

“We have been seeing great improvement in our goalie recently,” said Midway’s McLamb after a game last week. Core continued to show strong play in this one.

“I challenged Pate entering the game, and he really responded. He hadn’t been the goalie this season that he was the first couple of seasons he was out here, but he was today, and I am really proud of him, and love to see that,” stated Faircloth, praising his goalie’s play.

Stats were unavailable for either team. Lakewood is now 0-3-0 on the season, and Midway is 2-1-2. The Raiders are set to host Triton on Sept. 9, while the Leopards host Spring Creek on the same day.

By Adam Capps