Spartans grab first win at Jones Senior, 34-12

By: By Anna Moore - Sports Writer

The Union Spartans traveled to Jones Senior high school to take on the Trojans this past Friday. The Spartans claimed the win by a score of 34-12.

The Trojans kicked off first in which Spartan, Chris Murphy, returned the ball. Union punted their first possession only to be regained by Spartan, Nadir Goodwin. This would set up the Spartans for their first touchdown by a leading pass from Dawson Thornton of 21 yards to Warren Gay.

When the Trojans began to run the ball the Union Spartans forced a fumble, which was recovered by Nadir Goodwin with 7:01 left in the first quarter. However, the Trojans prevented the Spartans from making any progress on the field, and the Spartans had to punt the ball. Jones Senior was unable to keep possession of the ball that was punted and Chris Nash returned it for another Spartan touchdown.

The Spartans continued to add to their lead when a pass was obtained by Jawawn Newkirk for a two point conversion. The quarter ended with the Spartans holding the Trojans scoreless, 14-0.

Early in the second quarter Jones Senior had to punt the ball which put Union at the 15 yard line. Dawson Thornton handed the ball off to Tamah Chestnutt who broke away from the Trojan defense for an 85 yard touchdown. Soon after the game was delayed due to weather for 30 minutes leaving the score at 20-0 with a Spartan lead.

The Spartans continued their strong performance after the delay, started by Jawawn Newkirk who received a pass from Nadir Goodwin for another touchdown. The second quarter ended by a score of 26-0.

After the half, the Trojans finally got on the scoreboard with a touchdown at the 8:04 mark of the third quarter. The Trojans then kicked off to the Spartans. On the second play of their possession Jones Senior caused the Spartans to fumble. The Trojans tried to get down the field until the Spartans forced another fumble that was picked up by Chris Murphy. The third quarter ended in a Spartan lead 26-6.

Both teams battled it out into the fourth quarter. Spartan, Nadir Goodwin, rushed for a 12 yard touchdown and soon after Shyquan Brunson scored a two point conversion. The Trojans then fought their way down the field to score one more touchdown. The score would remain at 34-12 for the remainder of the fourth, giving the Spartans their first victory.

“Anytime we win a game it is always good. We have a lot of work to do to get ready for the game against Hobbton,” head coach Douglas Burley stated.

Tamah Chestnutt led the Spartans in rushing yards with 98 on 5 carries. Chris Nash had 8 for 48, and Shyquan Brunson had 10 for 59.

Defensively, Chris Nash had 8 tackles and 1 forced fumble. Montreal Williams had 7 tackles and 3 sacks, Matthew Millen had 3 tackles and 1 sack, and Nadir Goodwin had 5 tackles.

Union will host the Hobbton Wildcats next Friday, Sept. 11. Union is now 1-1 on the young season.

By Anna Moore

Sports Writer

Dawson Thornton prepares to pass the ball while under pressure from Trojan, Dakota Williams. Thornton prepares to pass the ball while under pressure from Trojan, Dakota Williams.

Montreal Williams tries to take down the Trojan ball carrier. Williams tries to take down the Trojan ball carrier.