Lakewood’s Heinz presented with Extra Effort Award

By: By Adam Capps -

Anna Heinz, Senior volleyball star for Lakewood High School was recognized by WRAL’s Tom Suiter on Wednesday, winning the Extra Effort Award. The Award was presented to her in the Lakewood High Gymnasium with her volleyball team and family present.

“I was really surprised when Coach Davidson told the team last night after the game,” admitted Heinz. “It is a wonderful honor and I am very happy.”

To earn the extra effort award, a student athlete must go above and beyond in athletics and academics, and Heinz does just that.

“For athletics, it is just my desire to be the best that I can possibly be so I can help my team,” she said. “I have always loved to practice and even when I would get home from practice, I would get my dad to work with me or just work by myself. For schoolwork, I credit my sister, Allyson, who is a junior at Pfeiffer University. She challenged me when I was a freshman to work really hard and told me how important grades were.”

She went on to praise her volleyball coaches, Sheila Davidson, and her dad, Dan Heinz.

“I have been blessed with some of the best coaches. Coach Davidson is such a great volleyball coach. She knows the game and how to teach it, and is really good at motivating. I know that I will always remember her and her coaching. I would not be the player I am with out her.

“My dad was my first coach and has continued to coach me throughout high school and club volleyball. I can always hear his voice when I’m playing. We have had some rough moments, but we are very close, and I can say he actually knows what he is talking about.”

Heinz also shines on the softball field, and she also went into detail with how much her softball coach has meant to her athletic career.

“Coach Yarasheski, Doc, is also a great coach,” she said. “I like how he can still get out there and demonstrate the skills in softball. He is a great classroom teacher too.”

Heinz plans to major in Biology and Secondary Education, and play volleyball, wherever she decides to attend college. Her future hopes are to teach high school science and coach volleyball.

By Adam Capps

Anna Heinz receives the Extra Effort Award with WRAL’s Tom Suiter on Wednesday. Heinz receives the Extra Effort Award with WRAL’s Tom Suiter on Wednesday.