CHS students hold ‘Awakening’ event

The FCS at CHS performs a skit during Friday night’s “Awakening” event at Clinton High School.

The praise and worship group, Encounter, performs “God’s Not Dead” to open up “Awakening” on Friday at Clinton High School.

The Fellowship of Christian Students at Clinton High School hosted an event called “Awakening” on Friday night in the Clinton High School auditorium.

“Awakening” was completely student lead by Clinton High School’s Fellowship of Christian Students.

“Members of the FCS saw the need for Jesus Christ to change their community and school, so FCS got together and an idea was brought to the table by Megan Baldwin to hold this event,” said CHS’s Skyler Simmons, who helped to organize the event.

After tons of preparation, FCS was able to host Awakening at Clinton High School. Many students at Clinton High were involved in this ministries in many ways.

To get things started, there was a praise and worship rally held. A visiting praise and worship group called Encounter sang a few songs to get hearts and minds prepared for worship. They performed popular songs such as “God’s Not Dead” while warming up the crowd.

This was followed by a skit. The skit was directed and produced by Dayln Padgett. Students and others that performed in the skit were Kaitlyn Royal, Ashley Sinclair, Cassidy Edwards, Emily Brown, Katlin House, Matthew Bradshaw, Emmanuel Howard, Destiny Edwards, and Pastor Eddie Barnes. The skit was about a young girl who faced the ins and outs and ups and downs that the world will throw at her. She finally found her refuge and happiness when she stopped turning to the world for her fill, and gave in to the love of Jesus Christ.

Skyler Simmons, a student from CHS later spoke at the event, mentioning the importance of students rising up and seeing a need for an event such as “Awakening.”

Upon entering the event, canned food items were taken up by anyone who would bring them. All of the canned food items that were collected are headed toward Enlighten the World Ministries and the Salemburg Food Bank.

“I would say that this event was a success! Not only did we minister to over one hundred individuals in our community, but people responded, and we were thrilled to see students step up and live a radical life for God!” finished Simmons.

It was truly a great event and a success in the eyes of the FCS.