SI adding more value to newspaper

In an effort to add value to the daily newspaper, The Sampson Independent will begin providing subscribers a weekly entertainment/TV pullout that will be chock full of news, games, offers and listing.

The new color TVweek will be inserted into the weekend edition of the SI beginning Feb. 24 and will be at no extra charge to readers.

“This is something we wanted to do for our readers,” said SI Publisher Sherry Matthews. “Many of our subscribers have been asking us to bring back the TV listings, much like what they see in larger, regional papers. We heard them, and thanks to Scott Champion and Champion Media, our parent company, we are now able to do just that.”

But it will be far more than just a TV guide. The new insert, called TVWeek, has the latest in entertainment news, offers games like a TV word search and Sudoku and includes listing of the week’s hottest in regular and special programming.

“We like providing readers more value in their newspaper,” Matthews said. “In addition to all the local news that get Tuesday through the weekend, now our readers will have the added pullout that offers them something, quite frankly, many have been asking for for some time.”

What’s more, Matthews pointed out, TV Week will provide advertisers with a uniqe and different way of reaching readers, yet another value of the weekly pullout.

“We are always looking for ways to help our advertisers get more bang for their buck and, at the same time, provide them multiple ways to get their message out to consumers. We believe this guide, which publishes once a week, has a week-long shelf life and will be used by readers regularly, is perfect for many of our clients,” Matthews said.

Because of the popularity of the guide — sisters papers in Lumberton and Laurinburg sold it very quickly — sell of spots in the book will be offered for a two week period. Once spots are taken, they won’t be available again until 2019.

“We will be reaching out to advertisers over the next two weeks. I believe they will see the value in being a part of the guide for many reasons, not the least of which is how much subscribers will use it,” Matthews said.

The SI publisher said she was thrilled that the newspaper was able to offer such a valuable tool to both subscribers and advertisers.

“We are always looking for ways to improve and offer value. I believe this is certainly one of those products.”

Weekly pullout will provide puzzles, news, listings