To our readers:

The Friday-Saturday Sampson Independent you are receiving electronically today is a combination edition intended to get news out to you prior to the impending arrival of Hurricane Florence.

Because of the uncertainty of the storm and its aftermath, and the necessity to get our delivery trucks to higher ground outside of Lumberton, we opted to publish this paper via our eEdition, which will be available free of charge on the home page of our website,, throughout the next few days, perhaps weeks.

The paper will not be delivered to subscribers at their homes today in an effort to ensure our carriers can be safely home with their families.

Our priorities are for the safety of our employees followed closely by getting our readers their newspaper in a timely manner.

The next delivered paper we anticipate, depending on power supply and other storm-related possibilities, will come on Tuesday; however we will have continual weather updates, power outages, downed tree reports, road closures and other breaking news on our website at You may also follow us on Facebook to find the latest about Hurricane Florence and its impact on Sampson and the surrounding areas.

We are also opening our Eedition to all web browsers, free of charge, for the next several days so that everyone has access to the newspaper even if a carrier cannot safely get it to your home.

Our prayer is that everyone heed the warnings, seek shelter and ride out the storm safely. — The Publisher