Older Americans celebration coming in May

Spring is here even though we’ve had lots of rain. I really enjoy the greenery, the beautiful colors of flowers, the seeds popping up, and all at the great hand of our creator.

Memories have been flowing the last few days as we pass and see the demolished Old County Home. As a child I used to go with my aunt as she worked there; I truly enjoyed those days. Visiting with participants, I didn’t understand then as the ladies held their dolls as if that was their children. I have a lot of memories that folks don’t understand about the County Home, but I love the memories I’ve captured.

The diabetes training services is wonderful; all the students seem to enjoy it and are eager for the next class. These ladies from the Alliant D.E.E.P. class are the bomb. It’s a 7-week class; the folk come out so motivated. The next computer class will begin, May 27; the classes fill fast so please call to register.

Don’t forget the Older Americans Month Celebration on May 28, with lots of fun, food, health education, entertainment, bingo, corn hole, or just sitting around and enjoying your friends. Health vendors are welcome. For more information, call Marie at 910-532-3931 or 596-8246. Bring a tent if you have one; we have plenty of tables.

Let’s look at some remedies I’ve read: you can use the staples in your own kitchen. For instance cinnamon + honey are great for what ails you. Just take a tablespoon of honey and cinnamon on top, mix with water. Good for lots of things. Drink 4 to 6 glasses of water as soon as you get up, this helps with arthritis as well as blood pressure. For simple leg aches, pour some nutmeg spice in a bowl, soak a cloth in it and lay it on aching legs. It helped with mine, so why not give it a try.

We are in the process of going through my mother’s “stuff.” She was a wise woman, and she had things that could fix anything. She has Bibles with marked scriptures. She knew how to survive on very little. She left recipes for life’s smallest tasks. She could take a small piece of meat, cook it with gravy (a lot of gravy) and rice and it could feed an army, and, of course, there was biscuits and cornbread. I admire my mother so much.

The Garland Senior Center misses Marco Flores. He had to leave to go to school, and for that we are very proud.

Our sympathy goes out to the Allen Family in loss of their sister Virginia. We will lift you all up in prayer.

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