Vital Statistics

Building Permits

Carina Gutierrez, 1,536 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Cheryl Simmons, 1,000 sq. ft., residential renovations

Lloyd Herring, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Jordan Shopping, business renovation

Cirilo Santacruz, 1,824 sq. ft., residential addition

Ethel Brewington, 100 sq. ft., residential renovation

Ethel Brewington, 100 sq. ft., residential renovation

Erick Rodriguez, 1,008 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Alicia Reyes, 672 sq. ft., mobile home setup


Reddin Hair and Michele Warren

Thomas Rich and April Whitehurst

James Shotwell and Lauren Vann

Richard Hunter and Ruby Cox

Zachary Sadler and Ashlee Foss

Maurice Tatum and Yolanda Moore

Benito Morales and Leslye Arteaga


April 9 Larry Carter

April 12 Amanda Ammons

April 7 Jimmie Bradshaw

April 9 Cloyce Honeycutt

April 1 Eula Monroe

April 12 Norma Wood

April 13 Narada Murray

April 20 Linda Warren

April 12 Velma Carter

April 16 Susan Brenner


April 10 Princess Nia McNeill: mother Jerica Rich

April 7 Jesus jiminez Maldonado: mother Maria Rios

April 9 Jose Alfredo Ramirez Borja: parents Jose Correa and Abigain Santibanez

April 13 Ethan Andrews Gonzalez: parents Edwin Gonzalez and Lesly Hernandez

April 9 Johnny Luis Otero: mother Samantha Martinez

April 14 Helena Marie Ballew: parents Russell Ballew Jr and Victoria English

April 15 Harmony Ne’amoni Parker: parents Harry Parker Jr and Brittany Rand

Land Transfers

Rebecca and Spencer Elmore to Rebecca and Spencer Elmore

Brandon Formyduval to Mohamed and Mysa Elwir

Barbara and Owen Pridgen to JC Pridgen Group Inc

Macy Wooten to Particia Medlein, Michael and Talmadge Wooten

Richard Deschenes to Bryan and Patricia Rhoades

Nena and Thomas McPhail to Lena Butler

Rashida and Robert King to Juan Ellis

Anthony and Barbara Simmons to JOHCHE LLC

Micahel Chestnutt, J. Johnson, JOCHCHE LLC to Maria DelaFuente and Ramiro Ramos

Glenda, Glenn, Pamela and Ronald Barber, Glenda and Timothy Smith to Stoney Barber

Rhody and Willie Sparhawk to Nicole and Phillip Matthis

Odell Hailey to Odell and William Hailey

Marlene and WA Autry to Peerless Investments

Annie Rowe to Anthony and Esther Johnson

John Hudson Farms to Seven Mile LLC

Gladys and Leslie Godwin to Jennifer and Ralph Hatcher

Cathy and Hugh Honrine to Navidad Caseres

Anna Kass to Anna and Robert Kass

Eloise Stevens to Jorge and Silvia Villela

Keith Best to Audrey Peterson

Gregory Smith and Vander Built Homes to Rebecca and Steven Culbreth

Ethel Hall to Brenda and Kyle Nunnery

Adam and Ashley Britt to Amanda Fowler

Judia and Linwood Hill to Bobby and Wanda Simmons

Arthur and Kevin Lee to Arthur, Kevin and Rose Lee

Rollin Warren to 5m Farms

Rosin Hill Farms to Rosin Hill Swine Farm INC