Volunteers serving at Tim’s Gift

Adam Bowker, School of Science of Math, designs a new website for Tim’s Gift.
https://www.clintonnc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/web1_IMG_20150722_104700078.jpgAdam Bowker, School of Science of Math, designs a new website for Tim’s Gift.

Writing this article this week comes easy for us at Tim’s Gift. The reason is that we are so filled with happiness and joy for the volunteers working with us. We recently announced how Jenifer Brewer miraculously came to us. Jenifer is a two-time cancer survivor and has, on occasion, nearly died. She has undergone two bone marrow transplants that ushered in multiple and serious health issues, including rendering her legally blind. She’s 32 years old and a sweet-spirited, bright, shining light to Tim’s gift. She attempted to volunteer at different places and had even called Tim’s Gift asking if we needed any help. Becky spoke with her initially and then talked with me and, to tell the truth, an answer couldn’t be found. Then God in His awesome wisdom and knowledge spoke to us by sending His agent, (the HHR person) to make a personal visit with Becky. That was when it all came together. Both Becky and the HHR agent began a conversation concerning Jenifer and that ended up with them praying and weeping, thus, it became abundantly clear what to do. So when you get an email from Tim’s gift, and view our new facebook page, think of Jenifer.

We also give thanks for a young man named Adam Bowker. He and his parents are long time neighbors of Becky. He attended Harrells Christian Academy and is currently enrolled in the School of Science and Math in Durham. Within his studies he is required to complete 60 hours of volunteer work during the summer. As a result of his association with Becky, and following God’s will, Adam chose Tim’s Gift. This is another miracle of God to us because we were in desperate need of updating our computers and developing a new website. Adam has come in and is diligently working each day doing all this for us and we can’t wait for you to log on to our new website and take a look at www.timsgift.com. You will be getting fresh, exciting and inspiring information and opportunities.

That’s not all God is doing with providing Tim’s Gift with volunteers. We will be writing and sending articles in later editions that will bless you as well.

Becky and Sam are willing and ready to come to your organization, church or church group to speak upon invitation. Also, please don’t forget Tim’s Gift Inc. when you’re contemplating making a financial investment in a worthy organization. Tim’s Gift is helping your neighbors, your friends, and even perhaps you or your family. Go to our website, www.timsgift.com, or facebook Tim’s Gift Inc. for a convenient method of giving, or come by and visit with us. Sam Gore is there Monday through Thursday, 8:30 – 1:30. Thanks to all who are currently supporting Tim’s Gift Inc. Your gifts are making a huge difference in our community.