What does God miss from His children?

By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Writing about lonely places we encounter and things we miss in our lives stirred this story about what the Lord might say to each of us about loneliness and longing for close relationships with all the children of the world.

Reading James 4:5 supports what our Savior desires from the scriptures. “He aches for our fellowship. He yearns but does not force Himself on us. He wants us to learn how to hear His voice.”

Do you understand hearing someone’s voice and being closely connected without speaking a word? Think of lyrics in this old love song. ‘The look of love is in your eyes, a look your heart can’t deny.’ Being deeply in love with devotion, honor, and passion – I call it living out loud in love – is how we can communicate with one look. Husbands and wives yoked with Christ easily communicate with Him and one another. One look says more than a thousand words.

Another song shares this truth, ‘Just one look – that’s all it took!’ Think of times when your loved one looked at you across a crowded room with a message that resonated deep within your heart. Those looks can communicate messages of love, warning, even urgencies others may not understand, like: ‘It’s time to go!’ – with raised eyebrows, ‘I’m so happy you’re here’ – with a smile that says you mean the world to me, ‘We’ve been here long enough’ – while tapping your watch and wearing a frown, ‘I’m not a happy camper’ with folded arms and stiff lip, ‘Be careful – come to me my love’ with concern for safety and securing one’s tomorrows, or ‘You are so beautiful to me – I love you with all my heart’ – with divine passion and purpose that surpasses all understanding.

In other words, we can communicate with the Lord when we learn to hear His voice, just as we do with loved ones with whom we are closely connected. God is our shepherd; we are His sheep. Sheep know when the shepherd speaks and follow as He leads them to green pastures to be fed and to safe places when night time comes. So it is with the Good Shepherd who leads His sheep to green pastures, beside the still waters, through the valley of the shadow of death, and to life everlasting. However, we must discern His voice, believe, trust and obey, love deep and wide, and follow wherever He leads.

So, what does God miss with many of His children? Thinking on things that you and I miss with our own children (or children God has given us through adoption, blended families, etc.) can help us understand what our heavenly Father longs for with all His children. Loving, respecting, sharing time together and being closely connected even when we’re far apart keeps us united and sealed by His Holy Spirit. When we stray, lose touch with Father and family, run from God’s calling, get caught up in making a living, ways of the world, or anything (god) we put before our heavenly Father…we cannot hear His voice and ‘things of His love will grow strangely dim’. God promises to never leave us and welcomes us home when we have wandered away. Yet, we miss so much joy and peace of living everyday with Jesus when we lose touch and leave Him out of our lives.

God longs to be the center of our lives – enjoying time growing closer, going deeper into our faith walks, personal talks, and divine plans. What does God miss when we put Him under a bushel, betray, or belittle the One who created us in His image? Our heavenly Father misses our prayers and praises at home, school, work, and public places where honoring Him has been prohibited, one on one late night and early morning talks without interruptions, hearing us sing, play songs, and dance as King David did with passion from our hearts for Him, honor for Him and His Word, children living closely connected to Him (the Vine) and allowing Him (the Gardener) to prune things from our lives when needed, being able to communicate in love, honor for authority, respectful living with grateful attitudes, effort and desire to live and love by His Son’s example, rejoicing over living in a land flowing with ‘milk and honey’, being appreciated for endless gifts of love, Holy Spirit led living, Good Samaritans, churches overflowing with spirit led worship, people acting and reacting respectfully, His Holy Day being honored, His greatest commandment being followed, and all His children loving out loud and living life joyfully prepared to go Home in the twinkling of an eye!

Do you miss loved ones who have disconnected for one reason or another and are missing out on the blessings of a close knit Christ-centered family? Does God miss you, me, or people in our lives we are praying will repent, return, and reap the rewards of living connected to Christ? May this story prick hearts to hear His Voice and heed His Calling. Nothing in this world the devil uses to tempt and taunt is worth missing living out loud in love closely connected to the Lord and loved ones here and most of all… missing eternal life in Heaven!


By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.