Now is the time for revival, renewal

Do you believe we are in a race against time? Do you stew in stress? Do you sometimes feel you are running on empty with the fuel light flashing and little time to fill you up? Do you hunger for uninterrupted time to come closer to the Lord and loved ones? You are not alone. Things to do and places to go have consumed us at home, work, and play. Work, wasted time, charitable events, church, social events, even recreational activities can replace time with our heavenly Father and family. When our time is taken for everything else and God gets leftovers…it gives an open door for the enemy to come into our lives with plans to make a big mess.

Many people mourn the mess that has been made with God’s creation. Questions about life, love, and looking to the light when our work here is done seem to have no answers. Yet, they do! When we stay closely connected to Jesus and listen for that still, small voice to guide our steps, our messes can become miracles. However, we are truly in a race against time as the enemy is working hard to destroy happiness and closeness to Christ. He knows time is short here and works deviously to keep our world stirred up in a mess we think has no solution. Alas, there is!

With God all things are possible, even miracles to fix our messes. I experienced a miracle last week at Tim’s Gift when two ladies came in for help. Telling the details isn’t necessary, but sharing that miracles still happen today is important. Have you had a miracle in your life? Fixing our messes and answering our prayers merits a miracle. Yet, we chalk it up to coincidence or fail to recognize the power of a living, loving God who created us, cares for us, longs to be close to us in all areas of our lives, and still works miracles. We need to be revived, redirected, and reconnected to the One who is Master and Maker, Alpha and Omega, Father and Friend.

This morning’s news showed the mess made in Nepal by a devastating earthquake. People stranded on Mt. Everest told of fierce winds, pounding rockslides, and powerful prayers, while wondering if they would live or die inside temporary homes (makeshift tents) anchored to the mountainside. Newscasters repeatedly reminded viewers this terrible tragedy left people in a race against time. Survivors were being pulled from debris and dead bodies being piled up in the country of Nepal, as the world watched another disaster take its toll. Some people made it through the mess; others did not! Fire fighters, rescue workers, and volunteers worked with passion and purpose to help save anyone lost in this mess.

Are we working to help save people lost in messes? Are we saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost? Is there someone you know who is lost and needs Jesus? Do we have devoted passion and driven purpose to share the story God’s goodness and grace, the plan of salvation, the need to live closely connected to the Lord and loved ones, the joy of being washed in the blood of the Lamb and ready to meet Jesus in the twinkling of an eye?

We really are in a ‘race against time’! Now is the time for revival and renewal in our hearts and homes with a connection… reconnection to our Lord who loves, oh how He loves. He is waiting to enter our hearts in a time when all signs of HIs Word are fulfilled and the enemy is in a race against time to destroy our lives here and eternity in Heaven. We choose to stay disconnected and remain lost in sin or let Him in. Jesus is waiting to enter our hearts; what is our answer to Him?

We all have messes that can keep us ‘messed up’ all our lives. The choice is ours as end time comes closer each day. Will we stay frustrated, stressed, distanced from our Lord and loved ones and live in misery here and hereafter? Will we chose to forgive and forge forward in faith while trusting God to fix the messes we encounter (some we made; others come out of the blue and turn our world upside down (like in Nepal)? Trust Jesus and lean on HIs everlasting arms. Humbly serve Him with passion and purpose. Believe that He can rescue the perishing and revive us again. Then, we live a win/win life anchored to Jesus. We are happy here and happy to leave and head to Heaven. Enjoy your life connected to the Master who made us and can turn our messes into miracles!