God loves me

“Let your power fall

When your name is called

Prove the doubters wrong

You’re still mighty and strong

So fight this battle for me

And help my unbelief

So I can tell all my friends

That you have won again.”

I allowed the words of the song by James Fortune to minister to me as I began to stroll down memory lane. It seems as though you come out of one battle only to be faced with another. This can be the trying of your faith. But don’t give up. You were born for purpose. Created to win. “Because I love you.” I remember staring down at the boldly written words in my 12th grade English class, feeling completely humbled. I fell in love with William Shakespeare my senior year in High School. I was a new student there. My family and I had to move due to a home invasion. The intruder didn’t take anything —material wise—, he stole from us emotionally and spiritually. Hmm. I think that is worse. I had a phenomenal English teacher! Mrs. Merritt is her name. She was able to see past the walls I’d built up. Although she didn’t often directly speak to me, during my brief semester there she spoke to me often with her actions. She forewarned that my grades weren’t going to allow me to graduate with the rest of my peers. Prior to my move there; I’d went year round to school.

When I enrolled in High School my guidance counselor told me I had way too many credits to stay in the 11th grade, so I was placed in the 12th grade. I sulked. I withdrew. I lacked focus and drive, and my grades reflected this. I was advised that for the remaining of the school year; I couldn’t make below a 100, if I were to graduate on time. My mother and I sat quietly listening to Mrs. Merritt in the Principal’s office. We weren’t discouraged as we’ve fought many battles and wars before; so this war cry wasn’t new to us.

We kept the faith and worked HARDER. I had to do things that I’d normally wouldn’t. As an introvert this process was quite daunting to say the least. But I was determined to win and not lose. You see, I would have to get extra credit for every assignment Mrs. Merritt gave us to graduate with my then peers. Challenged, I was forced out of my comfort zone. I had to become creative. More social. Last project. I needed 117 to pass. I performed a piece from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” To graduate, I couldn’t make but two errors while quoting (acting out) the dialogue. So the end of the class our grades were given to us. Alas, I’d made one too many mistakes. I had made 116. Remember now, I needed a 117 to graduate. What I read next would stick with me for the rest of my life. In red ink she wrote “+1 because I love you.”

My eyes began to swell with tears. To date I still have that note. I often go back to it when I am faced with life contending forces. It so with God, He loves us. When in your challenges; it’s imperative to never give up nor become bitter. Acknowledge the hurt, because yes it hurt. Cry if you must, but there must be a last cry and not a perpetual pity cry. Stand tall on the word of God and remember His divine promises to you. This will stir up strong expectations in your life. Get excited about the turnaround in your life, health, Job, family and state of being. God is going to prove all doubters wrong and your testimony shall be, God has done it again so in spite of your new directions or new beginnings don’t give up. Keep the faith. God will send someone to help you with your greatest needs. Just keep the faith, someone is praying for your testimony. Please. He will do it and you will hear him/feel him say. “Because I love you.” Let’s go get it!