Let go and spread the word

By Becky Spell Vann - Contributing columnist

Are you willing to Let Go and Go Tell? This story stirred while cleaning my book shelves and sifting through a basket of old church bulletins as snow finally came to our city on a cold, January afternoon. Waiting for snow brings out the best or worst in God’s children. Watching it fall softly and enjoying the quiet peace, when snow blankets our little corner of the world, makes me a happy, little old lady. Flashbacks to snowfalls with mama making snow cream and snowball fights with my brother, stir up memories of a happy little girl growing up in the country with my big, happy family. Thank God for remembering while letting go, relishing each day with renewed faith, and recognizing the prize before us while preparing for our tomorrows! Oh, what joy comes when communing with Christ… in snow or sunshine!

Beautiful snowfalls are captivating! However, snow can keep us captive with difficult schedules, delays, distress or delightful times at home, on hillsides, with picturesque landscapes that take our breath away. Snow can definitely bring out the beauty or beast from within. Instead of lamenting over things that must be put on hold and letting burdens block the blessing of a once or twice a year snowfall, let go and seize the moment to enjoy snow in whatever way suits your fancy. Then, go tell your family how much you love them, maybe even stir up some snow cream and enjoy together. Tell your friends – by phone or FB – how happy you are to be here to celebrate a snow day with the ones you love.

While writing as dawn creeps upon our little corner of the world, I give thanks for ‘loving where I live’! A sticker on my car (given to everyone at my church) proclaims that profound message. We should love where we live. While there are many things we might like to change about where we live, letting go of gripes and getting involved to be a part of positive changes can be contagious. Go tell about the good things we take for granted and proclaim the blessings God bestows upon our home sweet home.

Spending time with sweet Jesus in the early hours of a new day is delightful, especially while waiting for snow – which is predicted at any moment on one station, early morning on another, mid-afternoon on my phone. So, I let go of my frustration while anticipating what is coming soon with assurance that I am prepared. My brother in law, Wyman, sent an early morning text to make sure I put plastic over my outside pipes at Tim’s Gift that I had only wrapped with an old towel. I had the lantern Tina and Glenn gave me for Christmas ready for back up lighting. Food filled my fridge. My computer was ready and waiting with stories stirring inside my happy heart. Books were in place beside my chair near the gas logs. Yes, I was prepared for the coming of SNOW!

Pruning things from my basket sparked thoughts of Jesus’ coming that sent chills down my spine. An old song declares He is coming soon – morning or night or noon, predictions of His return have been given through the ages, and people talk about signs being fulfilled in a season when the eastern sky would split and our Savior we would see. Still waiting for snowflakes to appear, I pondered the forecast from our heavenly Father. No one know the day or the hour when Jesus will return, but we can be assured that He is coming! Letting go of fears and false alarms, sharing love and serving by His example, resting in His peace and knowing we are pruned and prepared makes life wonderful as we go and tell the good news while waiting for Jesus to come.

Dusk settles around our little town, and still no snow is coming down… but I’m still waiting!

Signs are fulfilled, the time is nigh, and Jesus has not split the eastern sky…but I’m still waiting!


By Becky Spell Vann

Contributing columnist

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.

Becky Spell Vann is the owner and operator of Tim’s Gift and The Learning Station.