Let God be your El Shaddai

By Gilbert Owens - Contributing columnist

God said to the Jews in Isaiah 54:2, “Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes.” As believers and children of God, God wants us to enlarge, stretch, lengthen and strengthen. God says we can easily to all of these things if we would let Him be our El Shadddai.

Who is this El Shaddai and what do I mean when I say let God be your El Shaddai?

El Shaddai is another name for God that explains another aspect of who God is. God first introduced Himself as El Shaddai to Abraham in Genesis 17:1. When Abraham was 99 years old, God simply said to Abraham, “I am Almighty God.” That is what we read in the English version of the Bible but what God actually said in Hebrew to Abraham was, “I am El Shaddai.”

With that name, God was revealing to Abraham and to us as the spiritual seeds of Abraham, that He is the Almighty God, the All-Sufficient God, and the God of More Than Enough.

God revealed Himself more and more to us throughout His word as El Shaddai when He said, “There is nothing that I cannot do because there is nothing too hard for God. With me all things are possible and with me nothing is impossible.” God also said, I am able to give you buildings you did not build. I am able to give you vineyards you did not plant. I am able to give you crops you did not harvest and if I be for you, who can be against you.”

That is why Job was able to say to God, “God, I know you are able to do everything.”

That is why Moses was able to tell the Jews when all seemed lost, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.”

That is why Jeremiah was able to tell the Jews also, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?”

That is why the Angel of the Lord was able to tell Mary before Jesus was conceived in her body, “For with God, nothing is impossible.”

And that is why Paul was able to tell us, “God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

El Shaddai is able to do abundantly more than we need, want, desire or imagine. God has been saying to the church and to us as individuals, “Let Me be your El Shaddai for I am your Almighty God, I am your All Sufficient God, and I am your God of More Than Enough.”

I believe the message for all of us from God in 2018 is that God is also saying to all of us that He cannot be our El-Shaddai until we take the handcuffs off of Him. The church and individual believers have handcuffed God from doing all that He wants to do for us. We have handcuffed God from doing supernatural things for us. We have handcuffed God from blessing us in miraculous ways.

There are two things the church and individual believers must do immediately for the handcuffs to come off of God. We must first draw nigh to God and we must secondly, realign our faith.

God has already said in His word, “If you will draw nigh to me, I will draw nigh to you.” That means we must draw closer to God with our main focus being to please Him. When you are not focused on pleasing God, you end up playing with God and taking Him for granted. Too many of us as believers, are playing with God in our worship, in our attendance to Bible study, in our giving, and in our spending quality time alone with Him. When we are not focused on pleasing God, our focus tends to be on pleasing ourselves.

I know for a fact that most churches and most believers must realign their faith in the same way we sometimes have to get our cars realigned. If your car is out of line it is not going to function properly and in the long run, you will incur some unnecessary costs. The same is true with or spiritual faith.

I Corinthians 2:5 explains this second step perfectly when it says, “…your Faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.” I tell my congregates all the time, do not base your faith in God on what I do or don’t do. Nor should any of you base your faith on what others do or don’t do. None of us should base our faith man’s wisdom, procedures, methods, systems, training or educational background. Your faith and my faith should stand and be based on the power of God. For He said, I am El Shaddai, the Almighty God, the All Sufficient God and the God of More than Enough.

Draw closer to God and He will show you, who He really is. Realign your faith with His power and you will experience who He is.


By Gilbert Owens

Contributing columnist

Gilbert Owens is a native of Roseboro and a columnist for The Sampson Independent.

Gilbert Owens is a native of Roseboro and a columnist for The Sampson Independent.