Vital Statistics

Building Permits

Sunrise Properties, 1050 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Leon Warren, 440 sq. ft., residential addition

Blair Straghn, 1152 sq. ft., residential addition

Ashlie Wade, residential addition

Dwight Merritt, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Tyrey Boone, 1216 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Judy Grimes, 728 sq. ft., residential addition

Raeford Daughtry, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Everett Chambers and Judith McFadden, residential addition

City of Clinton, residential addition

Dubose Strapping, addition

April Autry, 480 sq. ft., residential addition

Ermilla Villeda, 2028 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Isidro Mendez, 1064 sq. ft., mobile home setup

John Brown, 1152 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Stefan Hartman, 100 sq. ft., residential addition

Darious Wilson, footing

Vick and Sally Woodard, 540 sq. ft., residential addition

Food Lion, Clinton, 34406 sq. ft., renovations

Spencer Elmanel, 920 sq. ft., new single family dwelling


Lenwood Buchanan and Lisa Tucker

Vicente Torres-Hernandez and Sandy Granados

Rodolfo Resendiz and Beatriz Jacinto


April 21 Joseph Townsend

April 12 Jason Evans

April 17 Tiesha Melvin

April 20 Chong Ha

April 23 Mary Herring


April 17 Gonzalo Barragan De La Cruz: parents Gonzalo Guerrero and Lauri De La Cruz

April 17 Estean Diaz Sanchez: parents Francisco Trujillo and Sonia Olvera

April 17 Alejandro Daniel Herrera Martinez: parents Santos Banegas and Yesica Inestroza

April 17 Sawyer Lydia-Mae Slaughter: parents Christopher and Lindsey Slaughter

April 17 Amber Cristina Trejo Medina: mother Sonia Morales

April 19 Andrew Ethan Cooke: parents Cortney Cooke and Kimberly Williams

April 19 Preston Fox Warren: parents Ricky and Emily Warren

April 20 Caleb Isaiah Monk: mother Melissa Rich

April 20 Prisila Rosibel Zelaya Gutierrez: parents Erlan Zelaya and Abila Gutierrez

Land Transfers

Beverly and Larry Naylor to Ramon Mendoza and Angelica Venegas

Chauncey and Corieka Newton to Corieka Newton

William Underwood to Stephanie Ton and Long Tonthat

Sherry and Tony Coats to John Nichols

Joseph and Nancy Wallis to Wallis Revocable Living Trust

Kenny and Lois Ivey to KMI Rental Property LLC

Matthew and Sara Neal to Angela and Patrick Neal

Carolyn and Stanley Strickland to Graham Hales

Virgil Strickland to Kimberly Strickland

Allen Reaves to Danny and Robert McLamb

Helen and William Smith to Waymon Jackson

Mary Ann Hill Revocable Trust, Deborah and Millard Owen to Elizabeth Robinson

Brenda and Darious Wilson to Jospeh and Telisha Williams

Juan Ortiz to Orelbis Clavero

Coleman and Nancy Carter, Alfred and Jo Jones, Henry Treadwell to Henry Treadwell

Carrington Property Services, Champion Mortgage and Nationstart Mortgage to James Burch

Brock and Scott PLLC, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Ryan Smith

Stacy Gupton-Smtih, Charles and Stacy Smith to Ginger Gupton

Gail and Neil Carroll to Musa Odeh

Kimberly Johns, Rodney Rich to Jacolyn Clark

Joanna and W. Cecil Worsley III to Rayyan’s Sampson Store LLC

Alison and Michael Ray to Jerry Sampson

Anne Faircloth to Sandra Norris

Geraldine and Walter Carr to Richard Allen

PEMCO Ltd, HUD to KD Inc.

Fannie Mae, Shapiro and Incle, Whitney Tate to Emily and James Copeland

Truman Capital Advisors, US Bank National Association,to Harris Sights and Sounds Inc

Elsie Bragg, Resia Carr, Ethel, John, Nellie, Rose, Sylvester and Wisbon Newton to Barbara and Sylvester Newton

Carol Burton to Enrique Amariz and Rosalva Ponce

Graham, Jeanette and Ray Williams to Graham, Jeanette, Kimberly and Ray Williams

Cathleen and Willie Newkirk to Vera Bullock

Carla and Frederick Dixon to Branden Jones

Monterry and Sharon Williams to Edward Williams

David and Rhonda Matthews to Amanda Parker