Always put your trust in God

Vanessa Richardson

My pastor once advised me. My voice was weak from months of physical pain. She sat silently across from me. I could feel strong energy vibrating from her. “Pastor, the doctor told me that he has to cut me before he can help heal me.” I looked at her and was slightly surprised by her direct eye contact. I, however, recognized that look. This was an indicator that she was in “prayer warrior” mode. She looks at the soul/ heart of a person. At that point, my soul was stuttering inside of me; desperately clinging on to life. I was fighting to live and not exist. Trust me; there is a difference between the two. She nodded. It was subtle, but I caught it. “I trust God, and in him.” I nodded as I confessed this with confidence.

She leaned in closely. “Baby, I know you’re tired, but, don’t you give up. We have been here before.” I looked at her, mesmerized by the word “we.” The definition of we is as defined by Google, “used in formal context for or by a royal person, or by a writer or editor, to refer to him or herself.” I hadn’t considered that I wasn’t carrying that cross alone. My experience has taught me that sometimes you DON’T have to fight; someone else will go to bat for you. I heard the words of her heart. I felt the weight lifting off of me. I duplicated her movement by nodding my head. I knew everything was going to be all right! When YOU feel alone, you’re not — God always sends a Simon (a visiting traveler from the Bible who helped Jesus carry the cross. A stranger placed in position at the right time to help carry the cross or burdens.

“God doesn’t make mistakes. It’s already worked out.” She leaned toward me, lowering her voice as she continued. “At the appointed time you’re going to rise up and walk into your destiny.” I had some decisions to make — either to believe God for a complete healing or continue to doubt. God has been too good to doubt. He speaks and things are created from nothing. He breathes and things come to life. I believe (d) God.

I allowed those words to breathe into me. Sometimes we have to experience hardships to try our faith. In hardships, we discover hidden and greater things about ourselves. This is why it is crucial never to give into your discovery moments. Don’t give up. Keep the faith. Don’t be easily moved. Most importantly don’t panic under attacks. Trust in God, there’s not one battle He’s lost…NOT one.

His plans, thoughts and ways are not like ours. For some God is working it out. For another, He’s already worked it out. Either way, the blessings of God that adds no sorrows shall flow like a river towards you; this water shall cool and soothe you. Wash and cleanse you. Don’t YOU give up?