Vital Statistics

Building Permits

Carl Westbrook, mobile home setup

Robert Rouse, 1,568 sq. ft., mobile home setup

Leondrus Melvin Jr and Reyes Murillo, ,1440 sq. ft., new storage

Gil Aragon, 240 q. ft., residential addition

Edith Wiley, residential renovations

Little Field MBC, sign

Carol Brewington, 1,200 sq. ft., residential renovations

Butterball, 95 sq. ft., renovation

Travis King, 2,270 sq. ft., new single family dwelling

Dororthy Herring, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup

New Life Baptist, 720 sq. ft., new assembly

Jenny Beardm 900 sq. ft., reroof

Ralph Piercy, 3,114 sq. ft., residential addition

William Tew, 980 sq. ft., mobile home setup


April 30 Hervie Brewington

April 26 James Hamilton

May 6 Danny Hall

April 20 Fred Norris

April 26 Charles Tripp

April 30 Amos Blackburn

May 5 John Falatovich

May 12 Louise Todd

April 26 Clyde Buchanan


May 1 Kaiden Alexander Sands Bryant: parents Auston Bryant and Justina Phillips

May 1 Johana Sirey Regalado Pacheco: parents Miguel Osorio and Virginia Lemus

May 2 Kimberly Sebastian Martin: parents Eusebio Sandoval and Olga Lucas

May 4 Tatiana Miya Herring: parents Latony Herring and Tiffany Warren

May 4 King Ahmad Pickett: parents Shequela Williams

May 5 Colton Lawson Barbour: parents Jason and Kelli Barbour

May 5 Liam Damian Castaneda: parents Uriel Castaneda-Alcocer and Nancy Vera-Gamma

May 6 Roman Ray Michalski: parents Christopher Michalski and Ashley Deslin

May 8 Marcus Edison Hollingsworth: mother Ashley Hollingsworth

Land Transfers

Carolyn and Frank Mocnik to Georgia and Raymond Bernard

Anthony, Cinda, Connie, Michael, Myron and Vickie Bass, Karen and Randy Driskill to Michael and Vicki Bass

Kathryn Strapko to Inocencio Arellano and Rebecca Avilez

Delores, Donald and Mary Fogleman to Noe Sanchez

Judith Bethea to Elizabeth and George Parker

J. Brown, Sharon and Walter Ammons

Patricia and Rodney Bowden to Elliott Thornton

Ila Phillips to David and Dorothy Phillips

Rebecca and Robert Byrd to Rebecca and Robert Byrd

Michael and Zollar Hayes to Corner Properties

Michael Hayes to Corner Properties

Arthur Boyette to Corner Properties

Sara Graham to Maira and Mayqui Rodriguez

Mozzelle Hope to Nelly Gutierrez

Leah and Michael Higgs to Abode Development

Cynthia and Randy Simmons to Brittany Drees

Iris and Muriel Culbreth to Maria Leon

Rhonda Faircloth, Michael and Susan Renegar to Jason Cashwell

James and Wanda Dill to JW Sealey and Associates

JD Matthis Investments to Graciela and Victor Guzman

Amy McLamb to Amy and Paul Leeland

Leslie Cottle to Derdine and Joanes Jeudy

Ann and Robert Harper to Ann and Robert Harper

Thornton Homes to Juan Arellano and Josefina Galeno

DMB Development and Mary Winfrey to Betty and Jesse Tyndall

Heavenly Homes to RA Jett and Peggy Joyner

Jose Santibanez to Esther Sanchez to Jose Santibanez

Jim Warren Mobile Homes to Billy Draughon

Faye and Harold Nall to Armi Gonstantino and Gil Lopez

Gracie Bass to Joseph Dabbs

Betty Hope to Tammy Grady and Betty Hope

Lillie Byrd to Glenda and Willie Thornton

Melva Merritt to Kathleen and Michael Merritt


Danta Bunce vs. Ricky Bunce

Isbela Bess vs. Roderick Bess

Joh Johnson vs. Regina Johnson

Jennifer Jenks vs. Griffith Jenks

William Jones vs. Theresa Jones

Bobby Wilson vs. Christina Wilson

Mary Landaverde vs. Manuel Landaverde

Peggy Faircloth vs. Charles Faircloth

Teresa Prince vs. Carnell Prince Jr.

Robert Walker vs. Dana Walker

Raymond Davis vs. Rebecca Davis

Lilly Armstrong vs. James Armstrong

Cinthya Vargas vs. Margo Morales

Joseph Link vs. Candice Link

Amy Zavalo vs. Walter Zavalo

Jamie Edwards vs. Norbert Edwards

Gymatium Herring vs. Rodney Herring

Jessica Chambers vs. Martin Sanchez-Mendiola

Marriage Licenses

William Sinclair and Brittaney Marshburn

Justin Futral and Sarah Giddens

Jamie Holland and Amanda Parker

Byron Martinez and Leficia Sanchez

Charles Carter and Sara Moore

Jose Lopez and Luz Calderon-Ruiz

Douglas O’Brien and Ashleigh Dolan

Larry Crumpler and Sakila Morrisey

Juan Olmedo and Alizon Cuesta

Kendal Autry and Zulma Velasquez

Donald Underwood and Linda Williams